Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Next Dark Knight Rising

Who will be the next Dark Knight Rising?

As moviegoers flock like winged creatures of the night this weekend to see "The Dark Knight Rises," a question is already rising in the minds of the fans of the Dark Knight himself.  With the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale trilogy complete, when and where will we see Batman again?  And who will fill the cape and cowl of the Caped Crusader?  

You're in luck.  Casting begins now .....   

Send in the Applicants! 


Wrong Type Entirely.


              Too Short, Too Nuts.


Has filled in for another actor before. May have to create new character "Bat-Nurse."   


Isn't it enough to fuck up ONE
  superhero movie?


         Let me get this straight:
You consider 'Jack and Jill' a 
resume piece for playing


But how can you be both for
   Batman AND the Joker
          at the same time?



                      Your Highness!
Of course you'd be brilliant!


Oh, Reg, we've missed you 
                 so much!


  Great, we can get Clooney! What? He did what before? 
He did What?!!!         


                                  AT LAST!

     The Fresh Face we've
           been looking for!

  Ka-POW!     Ka-BAM!   CRASH!!!

The next Dark Knight has risen! 



Lexi said...

I seem to have inadvertently missed the first two films in the series. Will this spoil my enjoyment of the latest? Should I buy the DVDs and catch up, or is that too much like homework?

Perhaps I'll just quietly miss this one too.

P.S. I was disappointed not to see your face in the line up.

Perry Block said...

Although typically a line up is where my face is most likely to appear, I didn't include mine here because I thought 80-plus year old Adam West's was a reasonable enough facsimile.

You can probably see this movie without watching the other two first. The important thing is that you read and commented on the blog post! That you should ALWAYS do!

I am, indeed, a Bad Boy.