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These are a few of my contributions to the Friday Fictioneers.


The Tigerzetrunk

"Perry, come quickly!" 

"What is it, Harry?"  I shouted back.

"Out in the garden, something you've never seen before and won't see again!  A mythic creature!"

Racing outside, I saw the astounding animal!

"Incredible!" I cried.  "It's part zebra, tiger, elephant and more!  What is it?"

"It's called a Tigerzetrunk.  Legend has it that Odysseus first saw one on his travels and it hasn't been seen since!"

The tigerzetrunk looked up shyly, saw us, and ran.  I snatched a quick picture with my cell phone before it sped off into the bushes.  

"Wait til they see this! I said to Harry.

"Doubt anyone will believe you, they'll just think you photo shopped it."

"You're probably right, old friend," I said.  "Well, goodbye, Bigfoot, check you later."

 Thursday, October 11, 2012
Hassan and the American

Hassan had always felt it was a honor to be a real estate professional in the  historically rich city on the Mediterranean in which he had lived since birth.

He had worked very hard his entire life to achieve this measure of growing success. His clientele had now extended to include wealthy foreigners, including a fair number of Americans.  

Today he was scheduled to meet with one such American,  one that if well-satisfied was in a position to send him a great deal more business from many well-heeled Americans.  But Hassan found no hope or joy in this prospect.  He found only fear and sorrow.  

The American had informed him earlier that week that he was interested in property in the Village Ancienne with its centuries old white-walled living quarters, only minimally updated plumbing and other facilities, and narrow stone alleyways well- trodden as far back as Biblical times. 

"This will not be easy," Hassan thought as he left to pick up the American.  

"Not easy?" he cried aloud, "it will be a disaster!"

As Hassan and the American approached the entrance to the Village Ancienne,  Hassan knew that the time had more than come.  He drew a deep breath. 

"With all due respect, sir, " he began, "I just don't think that ...."

His quavering voice broke off. 

"What's that?" said the American, "You just don't think what?"

Hassan sputtered once more, then it all came pouring out.

"I just don't think this is the property for you, Governor Christie!"



A Day at the Beach

He had always loved the beach.

Sitting by ocean's edge, feeling the sun upon his skin, splashing into the water, riding the waves. Buying ice cream about mid-day from the pony-tailed man yelling:

"Eskimo Pies!  Get your Eskimo Pies," 

and looking at all the pretty girls in their skimpy bikinis, always getting progressively younger.  Well, not much he could do about that.

Damn near perfect.  Each and every time.

Even the walk itself over the boardwalk bridge to the vast expanse of seemingly endless sand before him normally filled him with anticipation and delight. 

Unfortunately today he was playing golf. 



Atop of Ebert's Hill

As the legend goes, the old gnarled tree atop of Ebert's Hill comes alive before the eyes of one who chants the special incantation at midnight whenever a full moon shines above. I fell into possession of the incantation and ventured forth to see if the legend was true. 

"Dominos Pizzos Deliveros," I intoned on that windswept night six years ago.

The jagged branches of the old gnarled tree began moving and transforming, taking the shape of a beautiful young maiden. The tree's roots lifted out of the ground and became feet, and the woman walked toward me.

"Thank you for my liberation," she said, "I pray your captivity will not be long."  I felt my middle thickening, my arms twisting and freezing into place, and my feet sprouting and digging themselves deeply into the ground.  

I've heard of "popping a woody," folks, but this is ridiculous!



The Well-Read Dude

".... Dickens, Flaubert, James Joyce ... I've always said you have the best personal library I've ever seen, Charles!"

"Thank you, Perry."

"Actually, Charles, I was kind of wondering if  ...  would it be okay for me to borrow a couple of books over the weekend?"

"Sure, I'm always happy to encourage reading in my friends."

"Well, it's not exactly that.  See, I've finally got myself a date Saturday, and I'd like to leave some impressive looking books lying around half open."

"Perry, that's terrible!  But I guess it's okay."

"Thanks, Charles!  Oh, Milton's Paradise Lost,  there's one I'd like to take!"

"No, sorry, can't loan that one."

"Why not?"

"Got myself a date Saturday too."

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