Sunday, June 2, 2013

Superman's New Power

The makers of the soon to premiere motion picture Man of Steel have promised a major reboot reboot of the Superman legend this time around and who can blame them?   The last Superman film, Superman Returns, was a clunker, among its various sins the featuring of an actor so uncharismatic as the Man of Steel that not only were you rooting for Lex Luthor to knock him off with Kryptonite, you wanted to aid and abet Kevin Spacey in doing the deed yourself!

Changes to the Superman cannon in the upcoming film have been closely guarded, but rumors include the non-destruction of the planet Krypton, a "Jenny Olson," and an actress who is actually talented and good-looking in the role of Lois Lane, notwithstanding the best Lois ever, Noel Neill. But we have now learned that the most major change of all is the addition of a dramatic new power in the arsenal of Superman  capabilities!

Starting on June 14, the strange visitor from another planet whose powers are far beyond those of normal men will now also possess the incredible ability to  

Make a great cup of coffee first time, every time!


"Superman, incredibly aromatic and delicious as always!  We'll be able to stop Luthor's plan to rule the world easily now,  thank you!"

"UP,  UP and AWAY!"

"Where are you off to now, Superman?"

"Off to make super coffee for SEAL Team Six, the CIA, and the Democratic Party. Of course, to help the Democrats I'm going to have to make several pots!"


"Superman, Starbucks is threatening to take over Metropolis!  They're opening a new franchise here every 15 minutes!"

"Don't worry, Jimmy ... I mean, Jenny!  I'm building a new franchise called "Coffee by Krypton" serving  my special Fortress of Solitude blend! There I'm using my X-Ray Vision to create WIFI wherever there is no Starbucks!"

"Hurray, Superman!  Metropolis is saved!"

"Not yet, Jenny! To truly vanquish Starbucks,  I'll need all my strength to serve hip artistic sensibilities along with the coffee!"


"Oh my God, Superman,  these beans have not yet been ground!  How can we fight the alien invasion without great coffee?!"

"Never worry, General!   I can grind the beans with my super strength in an instant. I'll just grab them in the  palm of my hand and squeeze tightly, the same way I take a lump of coal and make ... Damn!

"What's happening, Superman?  

"I keep turning them into diamonds!"


"It's Kryptonite, Mr. White!  It's sapping Superman's strength.  His coffee is weak and tepid, hardly robust at all!"

"Must ... measure better.  Must ... pour longer.   Must ...must ...  scoop stronger!"

"Quick, Jimmy ... I mean, Jenny!  Wrap the Kryptonite in lead or the earth is doomed!  Or at least stuck drinking Lex Luthor Latte from now on!"  


"What is it, Lois?"

"You know,  Jenny,  Clark's never around when Superman shows up and he looks exactly like Superman with glasses.  Also I've had sex with both of them and neither was exactly good to the last drop, if you catch my drift."

"Lois, that's ridiculous! Clark doesn't even post about coffee on Facebook, unheard of for a writer!" 

"Well, I'm going to try something right now.  Clark, get me a cup of coffee, will you?"

"Sure, Lois!  Sanka, Maxwell House, or freeze-dried?"

"Next time I talk such nonsense, Jenny,  trade me to Aquaman!


Of course whether movie audiences will readily wrap themselves up in the Man of Steel's mighty red cape is yet to be seen,  but one thing is for sure, Jimmy ... I mean, Jenny: whether the new Superman truly is more powerful than a locomotive or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, he certainly will have the power to make us all go faster than a speeding bullet! 

And for those of us who love coffee, that's nothing less than Super, man!


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If you hated this post, I hope Superman serves you Sanka first time, every time.


Elizabeth Lee said...

Death to Nescafe and Sanka! OTOH, Fortress of Solitude blend sounds very intriguing.

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. I'll talk to the Man of Steel about delivering some personally!

Extremely Average said...

I never got into Superman. I'm not much of a coffee drinker either. That being said, you've sold me on both.

Perry Block said...

I'm not that much into Hemingway either. Go ahead and kill him.

Russell said...

Evidently, he wasn't a "man of steel" in bed either. Poor Lois :(

Perry Block said...

Yes, I understand he was faster than a speeding bullet too. Poor Lois!