Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Identical Pontiffs

It's now been over three months since the Catholic Church has officially had two popes with Pope Benedict  stepping down while Pope Francis has stepped up.  Although only one holds authority over the Holy See, for all intents and purposes we've now got two, two, two popes in one! to paraphrase a well-known breath mint/candy mint commercial from long ago. 

TV producers have predictably lost no time in exploiting this turn of events to  develop a sitcom based on the dual pope premise. Although the program's name is not decided --- candidates include The Odd PrelatesTwo and a Half Popes Minus a Half, and Two Broke Popes  --- the theme song is already fixed. 

And, I might add, well familiar to many Baby Boomers ... 
Meet Benny who's reigned most everywhere 
From Avignon to St. Peter's Square. 
But Franny's only seen the sights 
A guy can see from Argentine heights ---
What a pastoral pair!

But they're pontiffs, 
Identical pontiffs all the way. 
One pair of matching prelates, 
 Different as clergy and lay.

Where Benny adores a baguette, 

Worldly trappings and anisette. 
Our Franny wants to feed the soul, 
Austerity makes him lose control ---
Augustinian and Jesuit!

Still they're pontiffs!

Identical pontiffs and you'll find
They walk alike, they talk alike,
At birth control, they balk alike ---
You can lose you mind!
When pontiffs are two of a kind!

Here's hoping the new show will be a big hit and run for many, many successful years! 

Just like Seinfeld.


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If you hated this post, I'm afraid there's precious little in heaven or earth either of the two popes can do to help you.  And don't expect me to lift a bejeweled finger for you either!


Anonymous said...

Who's doing the wardrobe ?

jockeyjockey said...

Who cares about the wardrobes, who's playing the part?

Perry Block said...

As has frequently been noted, Darth Sidious for Benedict http://bit.ly/12cot2h and for Francis, the late comic actor Phil Silvers. http://bit.ly/1218I2G

Who else could it be?

Perry Block said...

Somebody dazzling, flamboyant, and simply stunning!

Russell said...

Too bad Liberace isn't around.

Russell said...

I hope there's a guest appearance by the Flying Nun.

Perry Block said...

Not touching that one, me boy!

Perry Block said...

Whatever it is that's got her flying, order two more for the two broke popes!