Sunday, July 23, 2017

Identical Douchebags

 Scaramucci and Trump couldn't be more alike
 if Trump had cloned him.

(inspired by "Identical Cousins" from "The Patty Duke Show")

Meet Donald who’s lied about everything,
From Russian meddling to the size of his ding!
But Tony’s gonna raise the sights,
Their lies will reach Himalayan heights! 

Two crazies from the right wing!

But they’re douchebags!
Identical douchebags all the way.
One pair of matching assholes,
Though Tony's a generation away.

Where Donald adores stiffing friends,
Tweeting lies and grabbing women’s ends,
Our Tony loves to kiss his ass,
His hot dog too if that’s not too crass!
What a pair of bookends!

Still they’re douchebags!
Identical douchebags, and you’ll find
They lie alike, decry alike, betray us high and dry alike,
You could lose your mind! (which they want)
When douchebags
Are two of a kind!

 ... or so it seems to me.

Thank you, Patty Duke.


Gardenlover said...

Poor Patty Duke. I hate it that she got drug into this. I suppose that's one of the advantages of being dead.

I think you're onto something as a jingle writer. This could be a whole new career for you (to supplement your social security). Just think of the different feminine products your could promote. Why, I can just hear you singing the praises of maxi pads, tampons, and toofi-fruiti douche solutions. You'd be the next Barry Manilow.

Perry Block said...

Frankly I don't think we needed the first Barry Manilow. Sorry about Patty Duke, though; guess she never really recovered from all those wild and reckless years of losing all control over hot dogs.