Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The New Logo of the Republican Party

Formerly known as the Republican Party

Things have changed now, folks. In my view, until every Republican in Congress including those in very red districts stops defending Trump, I consider this to be the new logo of the Republican Party:

Welcome to the United Quisling Party of America

Despite all we have learned, many Republican Congresspersons and even Senators continue to dismiss the connection between Trump and Russia with the same smugness which was somehow indelibly implanted upon the faces of Trump Sr. and Jr. since birth. Talk about the elephant in the room, they choose to ignore the elephant in their underpants.  

Republicans don't have to issue final judgment upon Trump yet, but they must stop blithely apologizing and rationalizing for him or talking about how things are "concerning" or "bothersome," but now it's on with the show!

Does it take courage to stand against the President of our country? Of course. And most of us frankly don't have that kind of courage. But most of us never chose to run for Congress or style ourselves in front of our friends, neighbors, and constituents as someone worthy to be one of the leaders of the United States of America.

If you guys are truly leaders, Republican dudes, it's time for you to stop pandering and start leading. 

Don't be a Quisling.

Only then can you bring back the Republican Party, warts and all.


(That's Mr. Quisling in the logo above, folks.) 

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