Friday, July 22, 2016

The Clean Up Crew

"What a mess! Can't believe we've got to clean up this whole place!"

"That's the job. Sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, prying up stuck chewing gum, white-washing "Lock Her Up!" graffiti - most of it misspelled- fumigating women's air spray ...."

"Gee, you'd think by 2016 Republican women would have a developed a little style already."

"Guess not.  Now get to work!"

"Did you watch the convention?  Everything was so one-sided and divisive. You'd think Hillary Clinton was Lucretia Borgia!"

"Hey, you missed a spot!"

"Sorry.  All those religious people sucking up to a guy who's had such a wild life with women. Hey, look at that Melania!"

"Put a little more elbow grease into that mopping, will ya?"

"I'll try. Did you see that strident General practically foaming at the mouth the first night?  That was right out of Dr. Strangelove."

"I didn't see that movie."

"And Trump, he promises all kinds of things but doesn't say how he'll do it!"

"Hey, are you going to work or just yap all day?"

"I'm sorry, guess I'm a little old for this."  

"Look,  Ailes,  you were lucky to get this job!"

"Sorry, sorry, I'll get on it!"

"And one more thing?"

"Yes, boss?"

"When you talk about Melania Trump, take your hand out of your pants!"



angel44 said...

Yep, he's a yapper Perry, and not one thing said about how he will accomplish any of it. He gives me a headache! You got it right once again!

Perry Block said...

But we know one thing: he's going to do it fast! Whatever it is.

angel44 said...

Only in his own mind, and dreams.......

Gardenlover said...

Looks like you'll have your own clean-up in Philadelphia to deal with come Friday. I wonder how many of Bernie's Boo Birds will poop on the Hillary posters before leaving town? Perhaps they can go pout with Ted Cruz and vote their conscience.

I assume you opened a Bed & Breakfast in Havertown this week. Now, you'll be able to brag to your friends how you spent the night with Elizabeth Warren.