Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Colossus at Arkansas Roads - FF

copyright - Jan Wayne Fields
FF- Friday Fictioneers
copyright - Jan Wayne Fields

"Hey, Jason, I had no idea there was a small ocean you have to cross to get to Arkansas."

"That’s right, Matthew.  Say, we’re getting close now."

"What’s that big statue ahead in the harbor?  It looks like the Statue of Liberty!"

"Looks like it, but it’s actually the Statue of Russell Gayer, one of the leading citizens of the area."

"What’s that great big projection above his head.  Is that his arm?"

"No, it’s not his arm.  He actually designed the statue himself. You’re only seeing the part of the huge projection that extends above the head."

"Wow!  What a guy! Could that actually be the way he really is?"

"You know Donald Trump?"


"They call him Honest Abe compared to Russell." 


We all know Donald Trump is no Honest Abe but rather is a pathological liar.  So the truth about the Statue of Russell Gayer? Put it this way: millions upon millions upon millions of dollars of steel could have been saved in its construction.  

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BTW, there's actually no ocean to cross to get to Arkansas, so I'm not being truthful either. Who knows, women of America, I may be lying about Russell as well! 


Sandra Crook said...

I'm pretty sure you're not lying about Donald Trump though.

brudberg said...

Ha.. Love the battering... I need to check back for Russel's comment

Perry Block said...

No, I'm not. At least Russell is more honest than he is. Not in the story above, but otherwise.

Perry Block said...

Russell doesn't have time to comment, holding up that thing, as it is.

Russell said...

You know, Perry, Arkansas used to have a senator named J. William Fulbright, although many in our state referred to him as J. William Half-bright. This leads us right into your story which is only half-right (like most politicians on one of their better days).

While we do not have an ocean, we do have squatter's rights to a large chunk of the Mississippi River. This lovely statue of me was built to commemorate my lasting contribution to humanity--the TOOTH BRUSH. Had this cleaning device been invented in any other state it would have likely earned the name TEETH BRUSH (I apologize to the rest of you readers for having to explain in such detail for Perry).

Like Debbie at Dr. Grace's office says, "Y'all only have to brush the ONE you want to keep." And that's the God honest truth or my name ain't Russell Gayer.

Spicedmullings said...

Very pithy! Love your last line!

Unknown said...

A very likely story.

plaridel said...

this made me laugh, totally. :)

Unknown said...

Ha. Really funny, Perry. I think a lot of people in America might believe that you do need to cross an ocean to get to Arkansas, because well, they can believe anything it seems.

Gah Learner said...

This, and Russel's answer are too funny. Why don't you two run for president? The world would be a better place.

P.S. Joshi said...

Hilarious, Perry. You might just make a better President than Trump (actually most people probably would). You actually admit you lie. I really like an honest liar. :D --- Suzanne

Dawn said...

I think I heard the sound of the drum..badum dump.

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