Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Plagiarism? What Plagiarism? Plagiarism? What Plagiarism?

Melania Trump's speech last night, I have to admit, was an excellent presentation from someone who is not a professional speaker.  She was poised and confident and well expressed the oft unseen human side of Donald Trump and his family. In every respect, it was a positive moment for the campaign and Mr. Trump.

A small issue arose regarding some language that Mrs. Trump used in the course of her speech.  Some thought it was similar language to that used by Michelle Obama in a prior speech of her own.  Well, maybe, but these were common words and phrases, in no way blunting the impact of her fine speech. 

I'm no Trump supporter but Melania won me over last night.

Oh, another thought:  I have to admit that last night Melania Trump, who is not a professional speaker, gave an excellent presentation.  Poised and expressing self confidence, she presented a side of Donald Trump and his family, the human side, that we don't usually see. From every angle, it was a top-notch moment for Mr. Trump and the campaign.

There was a minor issue brought forward regarding some wording that Mrs. Trump used in her speech that certain people thought was similar to words spoken by Michelle Obama in a speech she made. Well, it's possible but mostly balderdash! Common words and phrases in no way minimize the impact of her effective presentation.

I still don't like Mr. Trump but Melania impressed me last night.

Oh, yeah, I meant to say this:  In watching the presentation of Melania Trump last night, I concede that as a non-professional speaker, she presented quite well. Exhibiting poise and confidence of self ... 



Doreen McGettigan said...

I thought she did well and the similar words are commonly used by speech writers. It may have been the same one.
Did you know she has 2 masters degrees and speaks 5 languages?

Perry Block said...

Yes, she is very impressive. Too bad her husband is the one running for President and not her.

RozWarren said...

Too bad her husband is running for President. Agreed.

Perry Block said...

I hope he'll be running out of town by the time this is over

angel44 said...

As you said yesterday, you are so nice to come home to! Two days in a row-you're going to spoil me Perry! Wonderful writing once again!
Since I work from home, this is kind of my social life-but I love the interaction about topics that are relevant to us that are 55+, wiser and better!

I agree, I think she did great. A lot of these kind of speeches will have a lot of the same words, maybe just not in the same order. It's the nature of the situation. Public speaking is one of the things most of us fear the most (spiders of course, running a very close second!) I have had to do public speaking when I was in the "corporate world" and I always felt very uncomfortable. It's not easy at all. I'm a bit more of a fly under the radar kind of person. I don't like being the center of attention, and don't crave that kind of arena, unlike Donald. He's a fool. Melania is not only very educated, well spoken, confident, but beautiful as well. What she sees in him, I will never know!

Perry Block said...

What she sees in him, I think we all know. Anyway, thanks as always for your kind words. I could use about 100,000 more like you.

Two articles in a row is unusual for me. The next one I'm afraid is bound to suck. So don't read it!

angel44 said...

You are always welcome, Perry. I love it when someone gives me wonderful feedback on my website, so I get it how that makes us feel. Just knowing we created something that someone enjoyed, means the world.

Of course, $$$$! But for me, that would get old, real quick..all the money in the world could not inspire me to be with an idiot!

Well, I truly doubt it will suck, so just you saying that, I have to read it now! And actually Perry, I think you've had 3 in a row...Sunday, Monday and now today...see...I pay attention! I don't think you need to take a step back, at least for now anyway. You're hitting them out of the park!

Tonight ought to be interesting....more to inspire you to write something wonderful.....oh, the anticipation!

Russell said...

I bet you have blisters on the ends of your poor little fingers from knocking out so many posts in the past few days--and good ones at that. If Trump gets elected you'll probably be posting two or three times a day until he has you hunted down and imprisoned for treason or exiled since all documentation that you were born in this country will no longer exist.

Now, back to Melania. She can present anywhere, anytime as far as I'm concerned and I don't care whose words she uses. Hell, I can barely hear anyway, so in the words of Hillary Clinton, "What difference does it make?"

William Kendall said...


She's probably already coming up with her exit plan for when Trump dumps her for a Croatian woman fifteen years younger than her.

Perry Block said...

I can agree she can present anywhere as long as she's presenting herself to me. I'd like to discuss family values with her including those values that are often used to make a family. I don't know why there have been more posts in the last few days because if anything I'm running out of ideas and looking to Melania Trump some of yours.

Perry Block said...

She can come to this Papa as far as I'm concerned. You're not in the running, I'm afraid, because Canada is just too far for her to go.

Perry Block said...

I haven't seen your blog. What is the website?

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