Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Blackberry Ringing (FF)

FF- Friday Fictioneers
copyright - Roger Bultot

Blackberry Ringing
(to the tune of Blackbird

Blackberry ringing in the dead of night.
Take these smokin’ things, watch e-mails fly!

All your life.
You are always waiting for an e-mail to arrive.

Blackberry ringing in the dead of night.
Not hard to theorize, it’s plain to see.

All your life.
Forever you’ll be waiting for a moment to be free. 

Blackberry fine! Blackberry mine!
Ringing all night through the dark black night.

Blackberry fine! Blackberry mine!
Ringing all night ‘til the broad daylight.

Blackberry ringing in the dead of night.
Take these smokin’ things and e-mails fly!

All your life.
You are only sated when an e-mail does arrive. 
With this gadget you are mated in an e-mail paradise. 

You are always waiting for an e-mail to arrive. 


I realize that "Blackerry Ringing" is a bit dated these days,  but iPhone ringing simply doesn't cut it.  Anyway, I always wondered what would have happened were the always ahead-of-their-time Beatles ever to have come face to face with modern technology and social media. 

This is one example; there's a couple more from the very early days of this blog in Meet the Beatles, Mr. Zuckerberg. Perhaps you have a few more ideas? In the meanwhile here are the ideas of the many other Friday Fictioneers regarding the picture prompt above.

Maybe I'll do a few more of these when I'm 64.  Ooops, already missed that!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this, Perry! Great take on the prompt and an excellent spoof of a good song. Good work.


Perry Block said...

Thanks, MG! It was a long and winding road to get that comment.

P.S. Joshi said...

Not having been a Beetles fan since they were near my age, my favorites coming before, I wasn't familiar with the song, but enjoyed the words anyway. Well done, Perry. Creative use of the prompt. :D --- Suzanne

Unknown said...

FYI: When you use the white highlighter it messes up your mobile formatting. I noticed it once before so I think it's the highlighted text that does it. And since you plan to be a huge social media sensation on all devises (I was using my IOS 9.3 iPhone) you might want to fix that.
Your format expert,

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Suzanne. Gee, it has been a long time for you considering how you spell their name. Okay, I'll teach you the words, let's sing it together!

Perry Block said...

I take it that the problem is actually italics since I use them a lot and never use white highlighter. I'll look into it. As for a social media sensation, it's more like a social media deflation I've got here. But thanks!

Russell said...

He's uses white-out on his home computer screen to fix typos, Tracey. Don't set the formatting bar too high for this computer whiz.

Russell said...

The Blackberry craze pretty much withered and died on the vine like some of my lame jokes. The Gooseberry didn't do very well either, but the expectations are pretty high for the newest release, known as the Dingleberry.

plaridel said...

quite an interesting take on the prompt. i could imagine a chorus of birds singing the tune myself. :)

Perry Block said...

Berry Block withered on the vine and in the flesh too. That joke just confirms the degree to which my humor will sink!

Perry Block said...

That chorus of birds will probably be more successful with this post than I've been! Thanks!

Gah Learner said...

Brilliant! And I add: strawberry fields forever!

Unknown said...

I'm singing now. Love it! And that's a great question you have about the Beatles and technology. I'm sure they would have their own unique spin on it.

brudberg said...

Ha.. I'm sure if RIM had used that in a commercial, iPhone would have had a tougher time.

Dawn said...

Haha..great spin!

Perry Block said...

You may add it for just a day or forever, whichever you prefer.

Perry Block said...

I think they would have found a way to have been ahead on everything. Maybe not Ringo.

Perry Block said...

No doubt!

Perry Block said...

Yes, that's me spinning the records! Sigh, I could have been a great DJ.

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