Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Soft Murmur of the Sea (FF)

FF- Friday Fictioneers
Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

"I love the soft murmur of the sea" said Perry to his friend Andy as they rested by the edge of the shore watching the waves break upon the rocky shoals of the beach.

"No wonder you were so eager to come here today," replied Andy.

"Nowhere else on Earth do I feel as at one with Nature and the world as by water's edge," Perry went on. “I think to truly appreciate life you must immerse yourself both mentally and physically into water’s spiritual essence.”

"Well, let's go in for a swim then," suggested Andy.

"What are you, out of your mind? It's fucking freezing in there!"


I've always loved going to the ocean and riding the waves, but as I've gotten older a curious phenomenon has taken place.  The higher my age gets, the lower the temperature of the water seems to go.  The last time I was at the beach, the soft murmur of the sea was "Turn up the heat, dammit!"

The story herein represents  my take on the picture prompt above, and the takes of the other Friday Fictioneers are available if you click here.  I'm sure you'll enjoy. 

Meanwhile I'm hitting the snack bar at the beach.  Which is heated.


Sabina said...

Great humor!
My sentiments about the sea echoed, though not the feeling about it!

Clare said...

Ha, ha! This made me smile.

plaridel said...

your namesake is quite a sensible guy. he doesn't let his emotions get over him. :)

Russell said...

I'm with you, Perry. You know it's cold out there when the shark's teeth are chattering and the penguins are wearing insulated underwear beneath their tuxedos.

I'd rather be chunky-dunking in a hot tub with at wet bar.

Vijaya said...

Excellent build-up to a perfect ending!

P.S. Joshi said...

That sounds about right, Perry. You need to buy one of these wet suits. Hilarious. Well done as always. :D --- Suzanne

Unknown said...

It was quite the bromance until the end. Haha. You're right about it being cold, but Perry once you're in, it's perfect...after you get used to it.:) Very funny story!

Perry Block said...

Thanks. But it really is cold today!

Perry Block said...

Yeah, but wait until you go in!

Perry Block said...

True, but I'm a little cuter.

Perry Block said...

I'm not sure what chunky-dunking means but as long as you're not in there with me, I'll opt for the hot tub too.

Perry Block said...

Perfect ending? Good, cause I was going to do a full scale car crash!

Perry Block said...

Yes, that's a good idea. I'll be much more comfortable in the snack bar with a wet suit on.

Perry Block said...

It seems to take longer and longer for me to get used to it any more. I expect to go to the beach this July and I should be used to it by early 2017

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Dear Perry,

That was an abrupt and fitting ending.



Dawn said...

Right up until that last line, this story had such a tender, real, feel to it. Nice job Perry!

liz young said...

A wimp as well as a philosopher! He should choose a warmer climate.

brudberg said...

Oh indeed.. never go into those icy waves.. they are there to be admired from a distance... preferably with a spiritual beer.

Perry Block said...

If the ending fits, I wear it!

Perry Block said...

Destroying a positive mood is my best thing!

Perry Block said...

Sounds good. Please send me!

Perry Block said...

Let's raise our glasses to the fucking freezing water!

Anonymous said...

Spiritual immersion is not the same as jumping into cold water, the story-Perry is absolutely right. I'm sure he'll find a way to immerse himself in spirits instead. :)
--Gah Learner

Dawn said...

Yup! I might get my feet wet but that’s it. I prefer a heated pool for swimming.

Perry Block said...

Sounds like a better idea! Join me?

Perry Block said...

Yes, me too. Unfortunately it's generally not heated in the way I'd like.

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