Friday, February 1, 2013

Cupid's Got A Brand New Bag!

    You know,  folks, I meant to post this on LinkedIn, but  does anybody really pay attention to LinkedIn?   That is, unless you're somebody trying to set a record for meaningless endorsements.

I'm Cupid, by the way, and this year don't look for me anywhere near that lamest of holidays called Valentine's Day.  

This year I've got a brand new bag (of arrows) and I'm flying it over to my new home in downtown Punxsutawney PA!

I'd simply had it up to my wingspan with forced romance as overblown as the dialogue in an Aaron Sorkin TV show, the constant subpoenas to testify in divorce cases ("The little bastard shot the wrong woman! I wanted the hot chick next to her!"), and appearing half-naked in greeting cards alongside doggerel penned by English majors bound for a indefinite future in their parents' basements.  

So I handed in my resignation to Zeus, by Jove!  

Got my resume together, making certain to leave off any jobs I'd had prior to 257 B.C. so I wouldn't give away my age, and began fluttering the pavement.  

It was on Craig's List where I saw it:  the good people of Punxsutawney PA were looking for an image upgrade.  They were tired of  Bill Murray outshining their mangy little rodent each and every February 2.  

So I put on my best loincloth, got a fresh perm, and went in for an interview.  Frankly, I was afraid I'd bombed it when I couldn't answer where I saw myself hibernating five years from now, but ...  Hey, Central PA, Daddy's home!   

And now, it is February 2, 2013,  and I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille-ions of viewers!!!

"Hello, Punxsutawney!   Good Morning, America!  Hi,  George Stephanopoulos!  Hey there, Lara Spencer! 

(What? No drum roll?  I requested Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra.)

Ladies and Gentlemen,  it is my  great privilege and time-honored duty to inform you that ...

I do see my shadow.
Sorry, folks,  it's gonna to be six more long weeks o' Winter!  With lots of snow, ice, and temperatures low enough to freeze the tootsies off  Helios himself! 

But, never fear, folks,  because  ....


Whatever the weather, from now on,  

You're just gonna LOVE it!

Best job I've ever had.  

My cave even has cable and a wet bar.



Winonah said...

Why didn't you close your eyes, you little creep?!? :P

Perry Block said...

Because you're still gonna love it, Winonah, no matter how much wind, snow, rain, or sleet.

We got THE LOVE GOD in charge of the weather!

And considering how he was screwing up the other job, things can't be any worse.

Cee Martinez said...

Yer cute. <3

Perry Block said...

I'll bet you say that to all the Nouveau Old, Formerly Cute Baby Boomers who shamelessly solicit you to post comments on their blog since they don't normally get them any other way.

Happy Valentine's Day, DPB! You are one unique lady!

Cee Martinez said...

lol happy valentine's to you too, sir. ;-)

Perry Block said...

And Happy Bill Murray Day too!

Doreen said...

That is one creepy lil rodent but I hope he was right today and spring is 6 weeks away BUT a lot of snow and ice can happen in six weeks. I can handle the snow but no ice please!

Perry Block said...

I think the real groundhog did NOT see his shadow, so it will be an early Spring. There will be even less time for snow and ice.

I do like a nice snowfall, at least on the first day. Ice ... that's for vodka, coca cola, and little else.

K.D. McCrite said...

Cupid needs to stick with what he knows. Whatever that is. I believe he'd probably make a good probation officer.

Unknown said...

I'm waiting for proof on this one :P.

Perry Block said...

What he knows best, kd, is how to mess up most people's lives. Occasionally his aim is off and some folks wind up happy.

With practice and hard work, I know he can have that beat!

Perry Block said...

Then again, Carrie, maybe he'll zap you when you're in the presence of a 62 year old bald Jew and ... that'll be all the proof you'll need!