Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tea for Rex Tillerson

I reworked this song a bit.  (Okay, Yusuf?)

Bring tea for Rex Tillerson,

He can't be that dumb,

"Whine" goes the Orange Man, Rex is under his thumb!

Republicans signin' our lives away 

Cause while the "winner" wins, the big child plays

Oh Lord, how he plays and plays!

For these unhappy days


 Crappy days!!!



melfamy said...

Do the whole album! Or parcel out the duties, heres one...
Trump voters are going to ruin us, they're going to ruin us
Trump voters are going to ruin us
Please dont vote any more
If you're voting for Vlad Putin's whore
America lost its mind and
Put in charge a truly vile man
Now to the far right we will go
Into a deep, black ho-ooole...
Trump voters are going to ruin us(fade)

Perry Block said...

Okay, I'm working on "Wild World." You handle "Peace Train." If he sues, he sues.

Russell said...

Will your version be "Tame World" or "Lame World?"

Don't look now, but I think we're being followed by a North Korean "Moon Shadow."

Perry Block said...

"Moon Shadow? Moon Shadow? Moon Shadow, Moon Shadow." Well, that was an easy one to do.