Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Love Me Some Cats

I love me some cats. I love big cats, little cats, black cats, white cats, spotted cats, mottled cats,  guys named Katz, and the cat formerly known as Cat Stevens.  Get it, fellow users of the Internet?  

I love the little furry fuckers!  I love cats just like all of you out there love cats.  And I love cats just like all of you out there to whom I'm willing to pander shamelessly for blog readers love cats! 

My very own precious darling is named Tinkerbell, and  here he is!  Say hello, Mr. Tink!

What are you up to, you wacky crazy cat?  Ha-ha-ha!

Oh, no!  Who can get any work done when Mr. Tink is grabbing some "zzzzs"---  as well as "bbbbs" and "hhhhs" and "control-alt-deletes!" and so on and so forth on the old QWERTY keyboard?  Ha-ha-ha!  

Oh!  You're wondering why Tinkerbell looks a bit different in every picture?  That's because he's ... umm .... a Master of Disguise!   Yep, that' s it.  That works. That's why.  No, I didn't Google random cat pictures, how could you?

Hey, Tink, you little minx!  How'd you do that?   

The Rockettes sure have nothin' on you, Mister Tinker! Ha-ha-ha!

Here's Tinkerbell doing his uncanny impression of actor Wilford Brimley. Tink's been getting free diabetes meds for years and he's not even a diabetic!  Ha-ha-ha!

(Note: The one on the left is Tinkerbell; for comparison purposes, actor Wilford Brimley is on the right.)

Hey, Tinkerbell, leave our President alone! 

Not that the Chief Executive of the USA minds a bit with a funny feline like you in his famous face! Ha-ha-ha!  That is indeed Mr. Obama on the right and Tinkerbell on the left, smartly sporting the tie I gave him for his Bar Mitzvah.  Ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Y''know,  Internet friends,  in addition to cats,  I also love me:  

  • dip recipes,
  • striking beach views, 
  • you can do it!" motivationals,
  • "Here's the twins immersed in chocolate syrup - how cute!,"
  •  sharing the wit and wisdom of George Takei, 
  • sarcastic little old lady cartoons, 
  • "Look at my messy office!," 
  • "Marriage equality rocks!," 
  • Aunt Clara and Uncle Theodore married 57 years, aren't they adorable?! (Not that I don't have nightmares about being half that old!)
  • "Love that Downton Abbey: Season 2!,
  • "The marriage equality symbol used as my avatar rocks!"
  • your new profile picture (no, it's not goofy a bit!), 
  • and cats, cats, and more cats! 

Convinced I love cats, folks?  Ready to follow my blog now?

Wait! What are you up to now, Mr. Tinkerbell?  No, no, not Kim Jong Un!!!  

No, no, Tinkerbell, stop, he's nutso!!! ... What are you doing, you out of control little ball of fluff??!!!

Darn it!  Just when I almost had you conned into believing I really do love me some cats.  Oh,well.

I love me some paramecium ...



Winonah said...

Make the next one about babies doing something funny, and you've got the rest of the internet hooked!

Perry Block said...

Thanks,Winonah. That's after my glowing tribute to Roger Ebert and episode by episode love letter to "Downton Abbey," which I've never seen.

Mike said...

Love this. Almost as much as cats. ~Mike

Perry Block said...

Mr. Tinker loves you back, Mike!