Thursday, October 20, 2016

Open Sesame (FF)

FF - Friday Fictioneers
Copyright Claire Fuller 

“Now it’s a three quarter turn to the seashell,” said Quarto, "and then we pull the mustache off the little dummy head.” 

“Right, and then the duck sculpture goes on the top shelf,” continued Gruskin “while I wrap the blue string all around you ...”

“You what?”

“Sorry, Quarto, that’s the combination.”

With the movement of the string, the entire panel detached and swung wide open.

“Oh, boy, two eggs!” exclaimed Quarto.  

“Great, kid, now close and lock the refrigerator!  We don't want anyone to stumble on to it.”

In the year 2237 food had become so scarce that all refrigerators had to be camouflaged and kept locked under combination.

That is, if you ever wanted to eat.


Looks like things are going to be tough in 2237, so I'd say best to have a little something to eat right now. And have a Coke and a smile with it too.

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Okay I'm closing the refrigerator now.  Think you know combination?  Don't forget to yank the mustache off the little dummy head!


  1. I know some parents with teenage offspring who might be tempted by this idea. :)

    1. I was thinking that very thing, Sandra!

  2. Oh, what a combination THAT is. Your story made me laugh then worry about the future. ;-)

  3. I do not know about 2237 but it seems that the present day doctors and nutritionist may achieve it in next 20 years.
    Loved your take on this.

  4. From the title, I anticipated a Sesame Street post, brought to us by the letter Q (for quirky) and the number 4 (new allegations of Trump's misconduct).

    Based on this story, Cookie Monster may starve to death by 2237.

  5. One can only hope that by 2237 the world has learned some sense. And I'll have wine with my sandwich, thanks, not Coke :)

  6. This is absolutely cracking... two eggs, that's food for several months.

  7. That is quite the complicated combination...

  8. i guess you don't have to wait for 2237. it's happening now in some household. :)