Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Grover the Electrician (FF)

Copyright - Ted Strutz

"Mrs. Koogel, I'm finished," said Grover the Electrician.  "Turn on some lights and let's check out the work."

"Grover," shouted Mrs. Koogel, "Mr. Koogel turned on the lights in the master bath and got an electric shock!"

"OMG!" exclaimed Grover.  “Try the hall bath."

"Grover," screamed Mrs. Koogel. "Mr. Koogel turned on the lights in the hall bath and got an even bigger electric shock!”

“This can't be!  Tell him to try the bedroom."

“Grover," yelled Mrs. Koogel, "Mr. Koogel turned on the lights in the bedroom and time traveled to the tenth century!”

"Mrs. Koogel, I'm sorry, it looks like I really screwed up!"

"No, you didn’t, Grover."

"But it was supposed to be the master bath and the ninth century!"

"No big deal.  Here, I'll write you a check."


I don't think I would have been quite so easy on Grover the Electrician. In the 9th century I could have met Charlemagne, one of the most intriguing figures in all of history, so I'm afraid we've got a  major time travel fail in my contribution this week to the Friday Fictioneers based on the picture prompt above. 

The other Fictioneers are ready and waiting to transport you to wherever you want to go, be it the ninth, tenth, or 21st centuries. Click here to be shocked and electrified by their offerings.

Look, there's Mr. Koogel and Charlemagne!  So Grover the Electrician pulled it off after all.


thewritersvillage said...

Nice. A little screw up and you can still get paid.
Did Grover get anything else from the Mrs. while they were at it?
Just curious - yellow.


Perry Block said...

You know, I knew you would be thinking that way, Randy. No, all Grover got was the satisfaction of a job well done. But I've an idea somebody else might have gotten something else from the Mrs!

greenwalledtower said...

Does he come back when you flip the switch the other way? I'd pay Grover to install that here, even if I did have to endure a shock for it.

Perry Block said...

Yes, he does, provided Mrs. Koogel hasn't rewired the switch as in the picture above. Then he's pretty much used for target practice by Charlelmagne's army for the foreseeable future. Thanks, David!

Anonymous said...

Dear Perry, Wow, you are clever - if only time travel were that easy. Good job! Nan :)

Perry Block said...

But it is, Nan. Look around: there'sGenghis Khan!

Patrick Prinsloo said...

Can I get Grover's phone number - I fancy a trip to late C15th!

Anonymous said...

Perry - that end beat was a hoot! I kept wondering why poor Mr. Grover kept trying the lights. Thanks for an early morning chuckle. Have a good day. Alica

Priceless Joy said...

She sure got rid of him!!

lizy-expat-writer said...

Presumably he can't get back? Well done, Grover!

thewritersvillage said...

You didn't!!!!!!!!

Perry Block said...

Grover doesn't have a phone. Where he is, you have to reach him by smoke signals.

Perry Block said...

You mean we woke up together? I like the sound of that!

Perry Block said...

She sure did! I hope she doesn't start missing him.

Perry Block said...

If he does get back and I were Grover, I go back to prehistoric days if necessary. And Mrs. Koogel ought to go as well.

Perry Block said...

Not me!!!

Sandra Crook said...

Very inventive! That's him out of the way then. Nice one.

Perry Block said...

Yes, that's him out of the way, but consider those poor Crusaders if he's even half as annoying as Mrs. Koogel must think he is.

Russell Gayer said...

I see where Randy's coming from with the questions about Mrs. Koogel. I think you had Grover get Mr. Koogel out of the way so you and the Mrs. could travel back to the 1960s and reenact a few choice scenes from The Graduate. said...

Oh, I want one of these! Can Grover come to my house? I just imagine Grover as a blue muppet, cute and fuzzy. He's allowed to make mistakes. I don't care if it's a trial and error process. Great take, Perry. Entertaining, as always!

Björn Rudberg said...

Ha.. and no way you have to care about the pre-nup.. neat.

Dawn said...

Poor Mr. Koogel, they say he never saw it coming; he was shocked.

Perry Block said...

You're right. Plastics is only the first thing I plan to go into.

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Amy, I'll send Grover over to your house. He actually is a cute and fuzzy blue muppet, but he is prone to making mistakes like sending people back to the Spanish Inquistion or to any period of time before televisions had remotes. Good luck!

Perry Block said...

You're right. There will be no more nupping for these two.

Perry Block said...

He was shocked and then he was timed out. Poor Mr. Koogel indeed!

P.S. Joshi said...

Good story, Perry. If it was that easy, a lot of women would have missing husbands and history would change. Grover would end up a wealthy Muppet. Well done. :D --- Suzanne

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