Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Gold Leaf Setting (FF)

Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

I cannot understand where the Duke and Duchess are. This is the third time they have stood me up for supper!

Once more I have put out my finest gold leaf table setting and crystal glasses. Everything is ready. Yet again they confound me.

True, I am but a humble American writer here in my small courtyard apartment in the Via Dinomartino, but the Duke said he admired my first novel, Perfection Don't Suck, and was happy to foster my acquaintance. 

Where are you, Duke and Duchess? I have food prepared that well befits the table setting I  have chosen --- Big Macs all around, super size fries, and large cokes.

Why you never arrive remains a mystery.


It's no mystery what lies above the squiggly line --- my contribution to this week's Friday Fictioneers based on the picture prompt above. Hope you enjoy the Big Macs.

The other Fictioneers entries this week, all of gold leaf and crystal quality,  will be served to you by clicking here. (BTW, another mystery was how to find the link this week.)

See you on the Via Dinomartino!


Anonymous said...

You sure that isn't the Golden Arches setting, Perry? ;-) Fun stuff. Let's hope the Duke and Duchess are just running late. You would forgive them if they had to stop for a potty break on the way, wouldn't you?


Perry Block said...

The Golden Arches Setting -- Love that, MG! Thanks for writing, time for my potty break.

janet said...

I hope D&D decide to show. I wouldn't want him to have to eat all that food by himself. I also hope he used BOGO coupons.


Perry Block said...

Not sure I know what BOGO coupons are, but I can tell you the food is Free for Raleigh Coupons. Of course, I know you're way too young for that reference!

Priceless Joy said...

At least you got the food from the Golden Arches. :D

Anonymous said...

I will be there anon. I have had, how do you say, a slight delay. I love Big Macs. You have, what is that you call it, a micro waver? We shall reheat the Big Macs, and toast to your Imperfections Suck or whatever the title of your book is.

Duke L. Ington and Duchess Touchess Muches on the Tuckas

Perry Block said...

I think it was Mickey D's shakes the Duke and Duchess were looking for. Which would have been PRICELESS!

Sandra Crook said...

Predictive text gone haywire again. Sorry. The comment scarcely bears repeating, but I said that was the way it always was with the aristocracy - picky, unreliable and something else but I've forgotten now. :( Going back to bed I think.

Perry Block said...

It's geat to meet Duke Ellington and as for the Duchess, if there is any accuracy in her name, let's hope she leaves the Duke home, Ellington or not.

Perry Block said...

"Let them eat McDonalds!!'" --- A variation on history but apropriate for the aristocracy here.

Unknown said...

Maybe the Duke is a practitioner of the finest Italian irony? Or he finds your cuisine far too refined. Pass the sauce.

Perry Block said...

I think he really hated my novel. Or the title. Pass the sauce back.

brudberg said...

Maybe they prefer Burger King...? a duke and duchess can be rather picky

Perry Block said...

Just like a Duke and a Duchess to be sucking up to a King. I'm dumping them! Thanks, Bjorn

Russell said...

I could have sworn I commented on this already, but you know how it is. With guys our age, the mind is the second thing to go.
Actually, the Duke & Duchess are having dinner with Martha, Mike, and the gang over at the Ritz-Carlton facility.

Anonymous said...

You crack up me, Perry! How could anyone turn down a Big Mac and supersized meal? And I'm sure entertaining conversation.

Perry Block said...

Yes, I understand that the Ritz Carlton uses Olive Garden. In which case I still wonder why they didn't come. My mind has already gone, BTW, so what was that first thing to go and was it any big deal?

Perry Block said...

I can't imagine how they could turn it down for stimulating conversation with the author of Perfection Don't Suck. Must be cultural heathens.

Anonymous said...

Hey, with a menu like that -- I'll be right over.

Anonymous said...

Dear Perry, Cute story and I like McDonalds - but wouldn't waste my good china on it. Very clever and I think there must have been something terribly important to have held them up. Good job! Nan :)

Perry Block said...

I'll keep your french fries chilled ...

Perry Block said...

I think that terribly important thing might be good taste.

P.S. Joshi said...

What a shame, Perry. All that high-class fare you've provided and they didn't show up again. How ungrateful can they be. :( Hilarious once again. :) --- Suzanne

Perry Block said...

Thank you, Suzanne. Maybe you can stop over and join me in a Big Mac?

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