Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bizarre Eye Ailment Causes Republicans Not to See Elephant in the Room


A bizarre visual ailment has stricken Republican members of Congress!

The nation’s premier vision specialists seem powerless to diagnose or treat it.The strange affliction causes GOP lawmakers to be partially blind, wholly unable to see an enormous African elephant in the room holding a flag in its trunk proclaiming:

This Guy is Fucking Nuts!

Speaking to reporters, House Majority Leader Paul Ryan stated "What are you talking about, I don't see an elephant in the room!" when questioned about the enormous pachyderm in the room blowing water jetties directly into his face.

At yesterday’s Daily White House Briefing, Sean Spicer repeated over and over that he was sick and tired of answering questions about the "so-called" elephant in the room, even though the elephant was sitting on his chest causing Mr. Spicer to speak like the Christian Bale Batman.

Mr. Spicer eventually expelled several of his internal organs right into Jim Acosta's lap.

There is rumor that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may be immune to this malady and has seen the elephant in the room. Despite denials, Mr. McConnell was caught on at least one occasion attempting to hide the elephant in the room in his neck jowls.

Oddly enough this terrible visual affliction has not affected Democratic lawmakers, who can all clearly see the elephant in the room and have reported the flag it is holding is now worded:

“Boy oh boy, is this guy fucking nuts!”

Meanwhile the nation waits for our suffering Republican lawmakers to recover the ability to see everything again, including the three ton elephant in the room. 

Will no Republican ever be able to see it?

We’re all waiting … and waiting ….

And waiting.


1 comment:

Russell said...

That's odd. They had no trouble at all seeing a donkey in the room just a few months ago. In fact, some claim they still see it, or at least the donkey's shadow wearing a saddle blanket emblazed with the words, "Obama's a jackass."

On the positive side, I did read an article the other day where some optometrist had developed glasses that could help people who were colorblind. No word yet as to how these will impact folks who tend to be tolerant of all races, but perhaps the good doctor can create lenses to help these poor Republicans.