Saturday, March 18, 2017

My Wonderful Fabulous Marvelous Graphic for You

He may be an artist, 
But I sure ain't!

I've never been much of an artist.

Anytime I've tried to draw the figure of a human being it always comes out looking like a stick figure, and the sticks are ugly sticks as well.  If I attempt a still life, it's usually dead on arrival.

That's why I always illustrate the opuses on my blog with pictures on the Internet, breaking dozens of copyright laws and opening myself up to litigation worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, if anybody ever actually read it.

Fortunately no one does. 

Here is a simple graphic culled in the manner above presenting a message with great significance for our time and even for an hour or two after our time.
There's no prize if you figure it out, but there is a very big prize for our nation should it come true.   

My Wonderful Fabulous Marvelous Graphic for You




of the



TR +



Looking Forward to the Impeachment of the Baby-in-Chief Donald Trump!

1) Woman looking through binoculars
2) 4 - for
3) Ward Cleaver
4) to the
5) imp
6) peach
7) mint
8) of the
9) baby
10) in
11) chief
12) Don Corleone
13) Al Franken
14) Duh, to make "d" sound
14) Tr
15) Ump

And hopefully soon, we can call him out!


Russell said...

Nice pictogram, Perry. I thought the little imp was you back in your younger days. Looking forward to the impeachment too.

Perry Block said...

Imp? Peach? Mint? No, no, no, it's supposed to be "Jew, Apple, Dope!" I'm very much looking forward to the Jewappledope of the Baby-in-Chief. Aren't you?