Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Transformed! (FF)

copyright Sean Fallon

"Yo, Dude! Could you reach into the battery jar and get me a C battery? I just can't open the lid."

"Sure, dude. OOMPH!!! Got it open. Okay, here’s the battery!"

"Impressive, dude."

“Thanks, I …. OMG! I just felt a shock right to the core of my being!  I’m tingling, dude!  I'm feeling transformed!”

"Your hand is glowing!!"

"What the hell is happening?!”

"I think we are witnessing the origin of a new superhero, dude! I think you are now….

"Electric Man!  Yes, I'm Electric Man, who can send bolts of electricity from his fingers and who fights for truth, justice, and the American Way, as long as we don't elect that idiot!"

"Not exactly, dude."

"No? Who then?"

"Jar Opening Guy, who can twist the lids off glass jars no matter how darn stuck they are."

“Even better.”


Gotta admit between Electric Man and Jar Opening Guy,  JOG may be the more important superhero to have around.  So next time you reach into a jar of batteries, twist hard on that lid, grab yourself a C, and wait for the transformation!

With your luck, you'll probably get turned into Electric Man.

If you'd like to check out the responses of the superheros of the Friday Fictioneers to the picture prompt above, click here.  If you're killing yourself trying to open a jar of stewed prunes,  well then better get busy building yourself a Jar Opening Guy Signal!    


Ruth said...

Lol. I would vote for either one of these guys!

Perry Block said...

It would be a good ticket --- Jar Opening Guy and Donald Trump's neck.

Sandra Crook said...

I could do with a JOG around the house. Nicely done.

Russell said...

Well done, Perry. I like the acronym JOG. It makes me feel like getting exercise without leaving my chair, and is 10 times better than JOB (which is what I'm supposed to be doing instead of typing this).

brudberg said...

Wouldn't the Electricity man tend to jar people?.... they could be the antagonists in your next story.

Vijaya said...

That was fun, and funny!
I always enjoy your take on these FF photo-prompts. And I have need of a Jar-Opening Guy every day! Wait, I already have one. He is ... my husband!

Dawn said...

Haha...good one Bjorn!

Dawn said...

I feel strangely attracted to Electric Man. ;)

Alicia said...

I could use a Jar Opening Guy in my house. Instead, I juse those random rubber squares my mom sent me after she toured nursing homes. Yikes!

margirene said...

The world needs all types of super-heroes. Welcome JOG. Fun story.

plaridel said...

Enter your comment...

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Dear Perry,

What woman wouldn't just die for JOG?



Unknown said...

Sounds fantastic. I want to be Electric Girl! Can I, huh? Where is this jar? I'm with you. My vote is for JOG.

Gah Learner said...

I'm JOM, Hah. So I don't need JOG, but I'd take Electric Man. He sounds energizing.

Gah Learner said...

Ack, I meant JOW... I was so smitten with Electric Man...

Perry Block said...

I'll send him right over as soon as I receive your check!

Perry Block said...

And from what I've always heard, Russell, you get just as much exercise as JOG where JOG gets it! That's much better than JOB.

Perry Block said...

He sure could! But then JOG would just open the jar and let them out. Stalemate!

Perry Block said...

Thank you! You are so lucky to have your own JOG. Please let me know when I can borrow him.

Perry Block said...

It must be the hair standing two feet up.

Dawn said...

I wish I could get super powers that easily, Dude! ;-)

P.S. Joshi said...

I've found that a few thacks with a knife handle or thumping the lid upside-down on the counter, then a twist usually does it. JOG might charge. Everyone seems to these days. Funny stuff, Perry. :D --- Suzanne

Perry Block said...

I think I use the same things, sort of. Jar Opening Guy is way too busy twisting Donald Trump's head off to open jars for us. So we can wait.

Perry Block said...

Thank you. Could you please strew some rose petals in his path, please?

Perry Block said...

or not.

Perry Block said...

I know. And JOG has taught me how to do it!

Perry Block said...

Here's the jar. But ya gotta open it up first!

Perry Block said...

He is, but make sure he is grounded at all times!

Perry Block said...

OY! You're so smitten you're certainly not going to remember about grounding!

Perry Block said...

Well, what can I say. I've been opening jars ever since I was 37!

Perry Block said...

I dunno, somehow the reference to "thumping the lid" kind of bothered me. Everything else was OK though.

draliman said...

I agree, Jar opening Guy would be my choice for everyday chores. Fun!

Perry Block said...

Well, then I'm beaming the JOG Signal into the sky! He'll be over soon.

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