Wednesday, March 9, 2016

On the Rooftops of Paris (FF)

copyright Emmy L. Gant
FF - Friday Fictioneers

Why so many of his friends had recommended he stay at the Hotel Moreau during his three day trip to Paris, Mason could not comprehend.

It wasn’t that the hotel was so terrible. It was just that the decor was a bit faded, the service a trifle slow, and the quail at dinner somewhat overcooked.

Last night in Paris Mason climbed to the roof for some air and in the darkness almost knocked over something in front of him. His eyes flung open wide and he cried out:

"My God, an original Warhol "Trash Can with Bag Too Small!"

And that's why Mason's friends had told the art aficionado to stay at the Hotel Moreau. 

There was also a nifty view of the city from the roof too.


You never know  where you might find a great object d'art. It may be on the rooftop of a hotel in Paris, or right in your own back yard.  

Actually, it's a lot more likely to be found on the rooftop of a hotel in Paris than in your own back yard.  But you can find literary objets d'art anywhere and anytime you want by tapping into the weekly offerings of the Friday Fictioneers based upon the picture prompt above.  All you have to do is just click here. 

Andy Warhol would approve.


Anonymous said...

Oy Vey! Only in Paris, I suppose--or in the Ozarks. You run across lots of folk art there that really should be lost to the ages.


P.S. Joshi said...

Well you did it again, Perry. I was laughing out loud. That's the kind of thing Warhol would have painted isn't it. Really hilarious. :D ---- Suzanne

Sandra Crook said...

Your imagination knows no bounds, Perry. It's always a delight to visit.

C. E. Ayr said...

Très amusant, Perry

Russell said...

Sounds like the view was just a bonus. As quick as this guy picks up on clues, he must be your cousin Perry Mason.

Perhaps I could interest him in a painting of a hillbilly wearing a shirt four sizes too small.

kim said...

Mostly loved this (great comment on art) but felt the last sentence could have been a little stronger. Hope you don't mind the critique.

Jan Brown said...

Very funny! Between your story and Russell's comments, I am laughing out loud :-)

plaridel said...

sounds interesting. i wonder if anybody who booked there got out of there alive.

Perry Block said...

I've been to Little Rock AR. Is that the Ozarks? If so, it was pretty nice except for all those guys telling me I have a pretty mouth. I guess I do!

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Sandra, but right now my imagination has just learned about bounds.

Perry Block said...

All right, you can have the Warhol, Suzanne. I know that's what you're angling for. Don't forget to pay the $100,000 tax!

Perry Block said...

Thanks! Unfortunately I just dropped the tres!

Perry Block said...

If the hillbilly is Daisy Mae Yokum, you can interest me in it!

Perry Block said...

No, I appreciate the comment. The last sentence is supposed to be an afterthought, but it is kind of wishy washy. I'll take a look at it. Thanks!

Perry Block said...

Yes, it is Russell's and my plan. We get the Fictioneers all laughing and then we knock over all the casinos in Las Vegas! Actually maybe that's somebody else's plan. I dunno, we're planning something or other with a dumpster.

Perry Block said...

Well, you can take a look at me and judge.

Alicia said...

Oh, how funny this is! I love the name of the Warhol piece.

Gah Learner said...

Haha, an added bonus are the bones in the trash can. What a lucky guy Mason is.

Unknown said...

I never did really understand how what Warhol did could be considered art, but to each his own I suppose.

Unknown said...

I stayed at that hotel in 1997. The art objects were found on the dirty sheets and cigarette holes on the bed spread. Apparently Warhols trash can/ ashtray hadn't been installed yet. Thank God I gave Paris a second chance.

Dawn said...

OMG...that is so silly..cracked me up!

Perry Block said...

Mason loves to chew on bones while admiring art. He is one lucky dilettante!

Perry Block said...

What? You don't see the brilliance in "Trash Can with Bag Too Small?" You heathen!

Perry Block said...

OMG, you got to see "Butt Hole Bedspread?!" And you're complaining?

Perry Block said...

Well, that is what he called it ...

Perry Block said...

That's what I'm here for!

brudberg said...

Ha.. Yes a perfect installation... I have stayed in a hotel in Barcelona with similar views.

Unknown said...

Haha. I love it, Perry. Great title for the Warhol piece. It was his lucky day. I hope he makes some bank on his find. Maybe next time he can stay at a bright, cheerful hotel.

Perry Block said...

I'd like to go there. Is it a Miro? A Picasso? A Brudberg?

Perry Block said...

Next time he'll probably be in a Hampden Inn and lucky to find a print in the room that doesn't make him puke. But I bet they'll have a nice breakfast buffet!

Russell said...

If it had Daisy Mae Yokum on it, I'd hang it on the wall inside the outhouse.

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