Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why You Never See An Attractive Female Weather Person on Television

Nah, who'd  ever want to see this?

"Welcome to the 25th Annual Men & Women in Local Television News, Weather, and Sports Convention here in beautiful Orlando!  

I'm your president, Bob Nessman. 

We're thrilled that the workshops we are offering you this year are bigger and better than ever. Now I'd like to take a few questions from our wonderful audience before we formally open the proceedings.

 Yes, you in the striped blue tie! 

Good question! We get that one a lot.  Ladies and gentlemen, the question is: Why Do You Never See An Attractive Female Weather Person on Television?

The weather forecast is a sacred trust that we in television take very seriously and whose integrity we must ensure.  As every TV station manager in the country realizes, an attractive well-dressed female would be a major distraction to the viewers at home, men focusing upon the female's face and figure and women upon her makeup, jewelry, and  clothing and nobody nowhere focusing upon the weather. 

The results would be catastrophic!

Let's say a Nor'easter is coming tomorrow and you've watched weather with the attractive female weather person the night before. Consequently you go out the next day in Bermuda Shorts and wind up in Bermuda!

Or you need to know how to dress the children for the following day.  But instead of watching Mel Blotstein's Five Day Forecast on Channel 9, you've tuned in to the attractive female weather person on Channel 14.  

The result: your children go to school bundled up for a blizzard and weather 6 degrees below zero and it's June 8 and they suffer heat stroke while playing color war!

And what if the female weather person is particularly shapely? Standing in front of a weather map, her ample bosom might block out Doppler Radar!  Her firm buttocks could wipe the barometric pressure where you live completely off the map!  

Critical information lost!

Some surveys have even indicated that certain male members of the audience would be so significantly distracted by an attractive female weather person that they might imagine in their mind's eye having sexual relations with her!

Yes, sexual relations!!!

Think that such a guy will ever have an umbrella with him on a day it rains?  

And that's why all weather persons will always be either middle-aged balding men with glasses or bad looking women with acne.

Another question, folks?   Yes, over there, third row ...  The question is: Isn't it unfair for attractive females to be discriminated against in this way?

No, of course not.  Certain occupations are just no place for attractive females.  Can you imagine an owner of a reputable restaurant hiring an attractive waitress? Not only would proper gustation be impossible,  but a well-endowed server would constantly be poking diners with her large breasts right while they were trying to eat!  

Yes, one last question.   Yes,  you with blue blouse ... Do I think we'll ever see changed thinking that would  allow an attractive female to be hired as a weather person on television?

Well, let me put it this way:   

The day an attractive female is hired as a weather person anywhere in the United States is the day CNN hires attractive female anchors, a gray-haired gay man,  and completely forgets about the news.

Does that answer it for ya?



Southern Wine Trails said...


Perry Block said...

You are wonderful, Southern Wine Trails!
Be mine.

Beth said...

Too funny. You're a creative nut, Perry! Btw, I've been told I look like a certain weather forecaster on a cable network and I was engaged to a meteorologist! So, you had me at weather.

Perry Block said...

Beth, you do look like a female weather person, which is why I've been trying to come on to you for the past six months. Too bad you're geographically undesirable, not to mention married. Oh well, at least thanks for writing and joining the blog!

Beth said...

Lol. I've never been called undesirable!! ;) What? You don't like the Midwest? Uh, yeah. I'm married but it's fun chatting with you.

Perry Block said...

No, I like the Midwest, it's just a long drive for me to take you to the movies. And after all that, your pesky husband might object! But, as always, thanks for writing.

Beth said...

Oh, I love the movies and he hates going. You're right, though, that'd be a long drive and he'd likely object. ;)

Perry Block said...

But I'd make the drive of course. I'll be there in six days!

Russell said...

Hey, quit flirting with my girlfriend. She's only two hours away and we're both married.
We have a female weather person on the local Fox channel who is so well endowed that her chest makes the Himalayan Mountains look like a row of pimples across an elephant's ass. I'm so distracted I can't even remember her name.

N/A said...

You make me laugh, funny man. Also, you brought up Splash Mountain at Disney World. I love that ride. I love Disney World too, even though I acknowledge the corporate-economic greed.

This post is full of good stuff. Hope you are well.

Perry Block said...

That is FUNNY! And makes the point about the weather casters that isn't the case in reality but makes sense if it would be reality but it isn't. Or something. Personally I like the picture above the best about this piece. Speaking of piece.
Okay, enough of that!

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Jean. I've only been to Disney World once with my kids but we had a good time; Splash Mountain was the only roller coaster type ride I could make it on and the drop was no great fun for me. Loved the water parks with little (at the time) Brandon. Glad you liked the post; I like the premise but I'm not exactly sure I nailed it (maybe a poor choice of words here)