Monday, August 12, 2013

Malveo, the Social Network for Arch Villains

The Social Network for Arch Villains

Lex Luther 
Woot!  I am not a morning villain!  Up half the night trying to think of a way to kill Superman. Any suggestions?  

Ernst Stavro Blofeld    How about constructing a giant Kryptonite Ray? Ever tried that?

Lex Luther     Only about 50 billion times, asshole!  How about something original?

Ernst Stavro Blofeld     Well, I haven't had my coffee yet .... Wait, I know! Kidnap Lois Lane and don't let  her go until Superman does your bidding!

Lex Luther  Jesus H. Christ! No wonder James Bond is still alive after 50 years and 25  pictures!


Fuck George Takei!

Khan How did you get in here, Shatner?
George Takei  You should know by now, Khan.  He's everywhere!


Ernst Stavro Blofeld
              My little tabby Ernestine posing with Roger Moore as James Bond just               before he single-handedly destroyed the fourth or fifth of my nuclear                 facilities geared to take over the world.  Isn't she a cutey-wootey! 

Emperor Palpatine    What an adorable doll-baby!

Lex Luther    Love her to death!

Voldemort  Personally I've always felt Moore was a bit too jovial & light weight in the  role; Connery was the quintessential Bond.  But what a cutikins!


Emperor Palpatine
Woo Hoo!   I  Breaking Bad!


In retrospect, do you think maybe I should have left a guard in that Middle Eastern prison to watch Bruce Wayne?

Professor Moriarty   No shit, Sherlock.

Voldemort   Ya  think?

Emperor Palpatine  Woo Hoo!   I  Honey Boo-Boo!       

Richard III
Now is the Winter of our Discontent at these further changes to Malveo! Hate, hate, hate all the ads on right side of the screen! And I already have myself a chiropractor, thank you!

Lex Luther Damn straight, Dick!   If I wanted to be on Satanist Mingle or Slay Date, I'd be there already!

Richard III   Don't call me Dick.   I'm not that evil.
Bane  Personally I like the ads.  Where else can you find a maniac-friendly hotel in Gotham City? 


Professor Moriarty
Anybody got a good recipe for guacamole dip?


James T. Kirk    


George Takei   Like I said. Fucking everywhere.



Cee Martinez said...

bahahaha omg this is too funny!! :D , and george takei having the last word ~_~ brilliant. x

Perry Block said...

I want to assure my readers (hah!) that this very positive comment was not a setup in any way and that Ms. Martinez and I have no connection whatsoever either through social media or real life.

But I do love her.

Unknown said...

love ya too, mate ;)

Perry Block said...

No person on the planet I'd rather rule the planet with.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Love this.

Perry Block said...

I have now made you an official honorary arch villain, Ms. Z. And I'm counting on you to take over England!

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