Thursday, May 16, 2013

McDonald's --- Your Great Gatsby Headquarters!

“I’ll have a Quarter Pounder, small fries, and a coke, please.”

“Why, you’re the callow Nick Carraway from the hit film The Great Gatsby!”

“And I’ll have a Big Mac with all the fixin’s, Old Sport!”

“And you’re The Great Gatsby! Welcome to McDonalds!”


Yes, this summer, McDonald’s is your Great Gatsby Headquarters!

All summer long every Happy Meal comes with an action figure from the new hit movie “The Great Gatsby,” overdirected by Baz Luhrman and starring a miscast Leonardo DiCaprio.


Tom, the racist asshole,

Myrtle, the blowsy tramp,

Meyer, the oily Jewish gambler,

Daisy, the pretty but essentially worthless airhead,

Nick, the closeted gay man, and

The Great Gatsby, the endearing but grandiloquent phony baloney himself!

Collect ‘em all!  But you better hurry, because just like the lean spare prose of the novel, this offer is limited!

So, beat on, boats against the current …. 

to  McDonald's!



Anonymous said...

Hi Perry,

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James Porter said...

Hi Perry,

This is a second test comment.


James Porter said...

Hi Perry,

There are 8 ways to comment (Google Account, Wordpress, URL, anonymous, etc.). The problem may have been with one of those -- for example URL asks for you URL, etc. so, I'm guessing it has to do with the Comment as selection (below).


Perry Block said...

Does it seem to be working now, Jim? Can I expect an onslaught of commenters from this day forward?