Sunday, May 26, 2013

Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is .... WHERE?

I found myself needing automobile insurance recently and wanted to pick the best company to purchase it from. First I thought of Flo from Progressive, but after suffering third degree makeup burns obtaining a quote,  I decided to look further.

The television commercial of one major insurance company intrigued me.  If you have a claim of any kind whatsoever, all you need do is sing the company's commercial jingle and an agent materializes by your side. Despite the fact that I'm tone deaf, that's the kind of service I can wrap my somewhat accident-prone teeth around!

So, I went out and purchased me some State Farm Automobile Insurance.  Darned if within the next week someone didn't go right through a red light and into my car!  Bashed in the whole right side leaving it undriveable and me with bumps, bruises, and maybe a broken arm.

"Thankfully,  I don't need to worry a thing!"  I thought confidently.  All I have to do is lift my voice in song.

"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there," I sang out.

Instantly a man in a business suit appeared. 

"Wonderful!"  I exclaimed.  "You must be my State Farm Agent!"

"Agent?" he replied. "No, I'm plainclothes police officer Steve Tompkins, and your reckless driving almost killed this poor woman!  It will take hours to write up all the citations and violations you've committed!"

"But what about my arm?"

"I'd be a lot more worried about my ass if I were you, slimeball!" 

Hauled down to police headquarters, I knew I needed help.

"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!" I sang again.

A woman in a smartly tailored suit was next to me like magic.

"At last," I sighed. "My State Farm Agent!"

"Agent?  No, I'm plaintiff's attorney Jane Slytherin, and I'm suing you on behalf of my client Agnes Somerville for $8 million dollars!  Here's the paperwork; see you in court slimeball!"

Now I kept singing desperately!

"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!!" 

"You my agent?"

"No, I'm Judge Howard Appelbaum of Superior Court.  I find for the plaintiff and against you in the amount of $15,000,000!  Pay up, slimeball!"

"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!!!" 

"My... my ... Agent?"

"No, Sheriff John Lawful. We're repossessing your home, all personal property,  your dental bridgework, and just about everything you've ever touched! Well, almost everything."

"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there ... !" 

"Agent?  Agent?" 

"No, horse doctor Miles Gallop."

"Could you look at my withered arm please?"

"Yep, looks broken. See ya."

"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there ...."  with the last ounce of my strength.

"Agent ... agent ... you two guys my agent?"

"No, we've come from the state to take you away.  Now go easy, old fella..."

"Why does he keep singing that stupid song?" I heard one say to another. 

"Poor guy, he's way off key," said the other. "Incredible thing, if you sing the jingle in the key of G Sharp, a State Farm Agent appears IMMEDIATELY!"



janet said...

Perry, I keep waiting for Aaron Rogers to show up. Forget the agent!!

Enjoyed this.


Perry Block said...

What a shame, in the first draft he did!
(Isn't it enough that I show up?)

Marian Allen said...

ROTFL! Personally, I would have gone with Allstate, but you probably don't think that mayhem guy is as hot as I do.

Marian Allen
Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

Perry Block said...

You mean Dennis Haysbert? I do think he's hot, but I thought I could write a funnier bit about State Farm. So sue me; I've got good insurance!

Marian Allen said...

No, I mean Dean Winters, although Dennis Haysbert is hot, too.

Funny, funny post, Perry, which is just what I usually expect from you. When you're serious, you break my heart, but your funny stuff is ... well ... funny! :)

Perry Block said...

You won't believe it, Marian, but I have no idea who he is! I don't watch much series TV anymore and can't remember seeing the commercial. Hope I didn't break your heart!

K.D. McCrite said...

We have State Farm, and every day of the week, there is a piece of mail from them about something or other. If they would stop sending everyone mail every day, our premiums would go down. The rain forests would be saved. The mailman wouldn't have a hernia. What does any of what I just wrote have to do with your wonderful blog post?

You crack me up, pal. Keep at it. Perry, you are one of a kind.

Perry Block said...

What does any of what you have just wrote have to do with my blog post?

It's funnier than my blog post, damn it!

Russell said...

I was going to show up, but when I heard you singing I involuntarily curled into a fetal positions, covered my ears, and screamed for mercy.

My wife wants to sue you for my hearing loss, but all I could say was "Huh?"

Perry Block said...

Sue me? Okay, I'll just sing out for my State Farm agent to appear and ... oh, no, now you've actually climbed back into the womb!