Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Tabby Tabbers     
Just look at my human Clarence Weinblatt sleeping so peacefully and beautifully. Couldn't you just eat him up? Humans fill our lives with joy, don't they?

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Purrfect Prudence  So cute!

Fluffmeister  Simply adorable!

Crystabelle I'd love me a human just like Clarence Weinblatt!

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Purrfect Prudence
I just adopted a new human, Selena Sensual, and she loves to cuddle!  Looks like I've got me a new BFF! LOL!

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 Crystabelle  So cute!

Fluffmeister  Simply adorable! 

Tabby Tabbers  I'd love me a human just like Selena Sensual!

Perry Block  So cute! Simply adorable!  I'd love me a human just like Selena Sensual! (And Selena, I love to cuddle too!)

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My humans Herbie and Caspar Stillwater enjoying high spirited hijinks!  Did you two guys get into my catnip earlier?  LOL! LOL! LOL!  What crazy capers!

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Crystabelle   So cute!

Purrfect Prudence  Simply adorable!                    
 Tabby Tabbers  Herbie!     Caspar     I HEART YOU BOTH!!!  .... and so on and so forth!

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Mr. Gee Whilikers

Look, Facebookers, I know you all love your humans. I know they're all adorable.  But where is the substance?  CONTENT, KITTY KATS, CONTENT!

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Note:  Perry Block was forcibly expelled from Facebook for Cats immediately following his incredibly inappropriate post above.   


K.D. McCrite said...


Perry Block said...


Yep, I'm a dog person.

brettdeiser said...

Woof Woof!!

Perry Block said...


Russell said...

You wouldn't have gotten expelled if you'd commented under a false name. How about Percy Hairball?

Perry Block said...

Excellent and probably more personally descriptive as well!