Thursday, March 5, 2015

Five Daisies in Search of a Movie (FF)

PHOTO PROMPT - © Erin Leary

"Judging from the five of us here," said Lily, "it looks like we're in one of those post-apocalyptic movies."

"I think you're right," said Petals. "All life on earth has been destroyed except for us, the last five plants on earth!"

"But what killed us?" asked Stig.

"Probably overwatering," said Floret.

"But why a post-apocalyptic movie about daisies? What kind of adventures could we have?"

"I have no idea, Petals" replied Floret.  "But  you know, that's quite some thick stem you got there!"

"And Iris,  I never knew you were packing such pistils!"

"OMG, guys! I just realized what kind of movie we're in." 

"What's that, Floret?"

"Post-Apocalyptic Plant Porno."


Nothing like a good post-apocalyptic movie starring Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson, or a bunch of daisies.  Yes, they're the stars of the upcoming film I'm putting on Kickstarter this week .... at least according to my Friday Fictioneers entry based on the picture prompt above.

Why not daisies starring in a movie? Their salary demands are low and I've certainly seen actors less animated. You guys happen to experience Hayden Christensen in that second round of Star Wars films?

There's no Hayden Chistensen in the other Friday Fictioneers' offerings, I promise. Wander through the daisies, don't pick any because there's only five left, and click here and enjoy ...


Russell Gayer said...

Egads, I wrote a lengthy comment and it disappeared when I clicked publish. Color me frustrated. I suppose this movie will feature a daisy-chain scene?

Perry Block said...

That's par for the course with Blogger, which squelches hundreds of glowing compliments I receive every day, so it appears --- get this --- as though I get none! I'd color you frustrated, Russell, but you're more suited to fall colors. As for daisies and chains, hey, my cast has its limits! (Somehow I saw daisies when everyone else saw mushrooms. Go figure.)

thewritersvillage said...

Funny. Plant porno.
Must have a lot of stamen-a to star in one.
The rose asked if she could be in it because she was feeling thorny - but I heard she hear say it was too seedy for even her.
I could go on but then again you'd probably tell me just to go on.


Perry Block said...

Love those lines, wish I'd thought of them. Never leave me, Randy!

janet said...

How cow, Perry! Where did that come from? Oh wait, I know. From your fertile imagination. Just so you know, the link on the Inlinkz page goes back to the InLinkz page. You may want to try again and have Rochelle remove the first one.


pattisjarrett said...

Have you been gardening long? Oh, that's right. You've had so much snow, you don't remember what plants look like! Spring is on the way!

Sandra Crook said...

Very funny. I made a clever comment about stamen-a and then realised Randy got there first. Couldn't think of anther one, but glad I avoided the stigma of repeating what someone else said. I'm going to lie down now...

Douglas MacIlroy said...

Dear Perry,

Too many mushrooms in your sauce. Spring will be there soon and when it arrives, get out of the house.



Patrick Prinsloo said...

Well, buddy, this certainly made my day blossom. Will there be seeds?

keiths ramblings said...

I always wondered what went on in a mushroom's mind!

i b arora said...

quite imaginative

Taygibay DefinitiveLapseofReason said...

I'm a stickler to the image content on average, but strict interpretation shouldn't stand in the way of having fun …
which your story provided.

Good day Perry, Tay. said...

Daisies, yes, I can see it. Have you ever heard of the game Plants vs. Zombies? Flowers are the heroes in that game! They sing and everything, but no porn. :) Very funny, Perry. As always, you make me laugh. I just remembered...they're sunflowers. Enjoy:

lizy-expat-writer said...

There are far too many post-apocalyptic movies as it is, but at least this one contains some plant life!

Dawn said...

Not only was your story funny but the comments. You seem to bring out the comedian in a lot of us!

Anonymous said...

I always like a good story about a mushroom who thinks it's a daisy.

Anonymous said...

I never knew you were packing such pistils! My favorite line among many. Alicia

Horus said...

I knew I can count on you for a laugh - and you didn't disappoint Perry !

Perry Block said...

And I knew I could count on you for a laugh too - and you didn't disappoint. Let's be blood brothers!

Perry Block said...

Sounds like you're all set to watch the movie, Alicia!

Perry Block said...

Thank you. If there just hadn't been such a run on stories like the vampire who thinks it's a mushroom and the zombie who thinks it's a daisy, my story would have been way more popular.BTW, I think I'm a mushroom, disguised as a daisy, does that help?

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Janet. Rochelle fixed the link but failed to fix my fertile imagination. That we're all stuck with.

Perry Block said...

Yes, the reality is that there are only four plants left here in the north and they're so battle scarred they don't even know what the heck they are! And what is this thing called "Spring?"

Perry Block said...

That stamen-a comment is so cute it's too big for one commenter, you guys could share it. At least Randy didn't mention stigma, got that one all to yourself!

mariegailstratford said...

Are you sure they weren't a bunch of pansies, Perry? ;-) I think this may shape up to be the kind of dystopian tale that makes young flora afraid to nod off at night.


Anonymous said...

Shades of Gray, The Sequel. Basic plot - the mushroom coerces the daisy into SMB while the daisy convinces herself that she can change a mushroom into a daisy. Oh wait, had that been done too. T

Perry Block said...

Maybe it's the sauce itself. The problem with getting out of the house in spring is that all I'll see is daisies.

Perry Block said...

No, it's soft core. You won't see them.

Perry Block said...

First they pretend they're daisies, then the sky's the limiti!

Perry Block said...

Thanks! I like to imagine I never wrote it.

Perry Block said...

I'm usually a stickler too, but apparently not a stickler enough to tell the difference between mushroom and daisies. Glad you liked.

Perry Block said...

That was cute. Thanks for sharing it. There's a zombie on my lawn!

Perry Block said...

That's what's always been missing!

Perry Block said...

It's a public service. Don't even try to thank me!

Perry Block said...

Wow, that's more warped than anything I could possiby come up with!

Perry Block said...

Young Flora and me both, because pretty much I am a pansy!

Björn Rudberg said...

I think this is the bud of a wonderful new movie..

Perry Block said...

Okay, we can go, Bjorn, but I'm going to close my eyes at any scenes featuring any budding.

Subroto said...

Plant movies are always good for a root.

mjlstories said...

O vary funny!
I love my garden but in a purely platonic way. Honesty.

Jan Brown said...

Great story! But to raise money on kickstarter for the film, you'll probably have to promise a graphic close-up of the pollination. Or would that make it a bee movie?

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