Friday, June 8, 2012

How to Shop for Eye Cream

What's a Fella to Do?

What with the plethora of products on the market these days, it's not always easy to know what's right to buy when it comes to the proper therapeutic/remedial products to treat what ails you.

That is, what ails you cosmetically.

And as you begin to ascend to the heights of the age I've achieved,  you begin to need cosmetological assistance to such a major degree that the mere sight of yourself in the mirror in the morning may drive you back under the covers of  your bed, where at least there are no mirrors.

Take the matter of hair.  

With relatively thin hair since birth, I have always been hair challenged.   Over the years, however, my hair has elevated its initial challenge to formally slapping me on both sides of the cheek and bidding me and my second meet it and its second tomorrow with pistols at dawnFortunately neither I nor my second get up early enough to ever have to take them on. 

However, as a consequence, I've been buying various hair strengthening and thickening products since the Nixon Administration. When buying such products, it's important to carefully check the label.  If  the hair admixture you've chosen is described by gentile, judicious, tempered wording such as:

"Marginally Improves the Look of Fine Thinning Hair a Tad Bit"

it's likely you'll receive about as much cosmetological assistance as a bad comb over. If, on the other hand, you find wording that downright insults and offends you such as:

"For Fine Thin Limp Lousy Hair"

"For Balding Losers With Hair Like John Malkovich or James Carville" or 

"Thickens Hair so at Least You Have a Shot at Getting  Women"

you are as golden as the proverbial calf of Biblical repute.

"Lousy hair?!  John Malkovich?!!  How dare they they insult me in this manner?!!!   Okay, I'll take six cases of it."

So whether it's industrial strength lotion for a face craggy as the coast of Wales, under eye cream for the Rocky Raccoon in you, or intensive care for your James Carville hair, one simple principle says it all: 

 You're better off, the more they piss you off.



Leona said...

LOL ;)

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Leona!

I appreciate someone such as yourself who obviously needs none of these products writing in. Must seem like science fiction to you!

Have a good night ....