Wednesday, November 9, 2011

.... You Know It Is!

Justin Timberlake is at it again!

Taking on the impossible once more,  just like when he convinced the luminous Mila Kunis (clever phrasing, that!) to accept a date with a Marine who'd asked her out via YouTube,  J.T. has now promised to recall to life the late but hardly lamented social networking site known as

It's the most daunting task faced by any human being since a special exploratory commission was appointed to search for a joke in Tracy Morgan's stand-up material!

Can he succeed? Well, no less a  personage than the greatest entertainer of the 20th Century thinks so!

Ladies and gentleman,  Perry Block - Nouveau Old, Formerly Cute is so very proud to present the one and only Chairman of the Board,

to the tune of
My Kind of Town

Now this could only happen with a guy like JT,
To resurrect a dead dot com like this!
So if you hate the Facebook, thank him most gratefully,
As he gives a brand new bris:

This is ....

My, you know it is!
My, you know it is!

My kind of people too.
Justin and Mila who
They beckon you!

And each time I e-roam,!
It's callin' me home,!

It's like playin' a Madden '12 CD-rom.

Oh, every bit of it is ....

My, you know it is!
My, you know it is!

My kind of razzmatazz,
And it has
That Timberlake pizazz!

And I'll never again leave,!  
It's tuggin' at my sleeve,!

Don't go bein' a dumb schnook,   MySpace. com!
C'mon just shout out:!

One dot com for Dick, Harry, and Tom!
It’s My --- all of it is MY ---!!

Let’s all go!  Let’s all go!

Let's all go! 


Let's all go!

Sorry about wimping out on the "Fuck Facebook," folks ...

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