Monday, May 14, 2018

"Even More Ways I'm Better than Obama"


"Even More Ways I'm Better than Obama"

"Sean Hannity likes me best."

"My hands are smaller and daintier than Obama's."

"Has Obama ever given Putin a sponge bath?"

"Obama comes from Kenya while I, a true blue American, don't even know where on the map of South America Kenya is!"

"A family of egrets is living in my hair. Obama only has some mild dandruff."

"Did Obama ever nail even one porn star?"

"Not only did I insult John McCain I insulted every POW in history. Obama never even insulted John McCain!"

"I've aged so much better than Obama."

"Obama has had only had one wife.  I've had three!"

"Rodrigo Duterte likes me best."

"Did Obama ever get two birdies back to back on Martin Luther King Day?" 

"I've banged Melania one more time than Obama has."

"Obama failed at Middle East peace, but my move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem couldn't have worked out better!"

"My ears are smaller and daintier than Obama's."

"Obama couldn’t manage a Russian Reset. I’m going to pull off a Russian Regret!"

"Wait til you hear me sing Amazing Grace!"

"Obama ever found a University named after him?"

"Have you ever heard Obama say anything as bi-partisan as There were very fine people on both sides?"

"I know how to have WAY more fun in Moscow than Obama does." 

"Sean Hannity likes me best. Oh damn, I already used that one!


Ron Pruitt said...

Obama has freakishly large ears and hands. Mine are much smaller!

Perry Block said...

Yep, I will add it!