Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump Furious that Circle Got the Square

"I'll take Jake Tapper to block, Peter." 

President Donald Trump today lambasted cable news channel CNN for adopting a Hollywood Squares format and taking FAKE NEWS to an all-new level when Trump picked Paul Begala in the Center Square to win.

"The CNN panels look a bit different than on the original Hollywood Squares," said Trump, "but that's not the bigly problem.  When Paul Begala was asked true or false 'The decision on Trump's immigration ban was the worst legal decision in history' and he answered 'False' and the host agreed, I knew the answers were coming straight from the failing New York Times!"

"I should have gotten my circle in the square to win the game. Terrible!  Dumb!" 

Trump also tweeted that the panels were stacked with people known to be liars like Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.

“Then I picked Gloria Borger to block," added Trump "and she was asked true or false 'there were millions of fraudulent and illegal votes against Donald Trump in the last election' and she said 'False' and Anderson Cooper agreed. The real Hollywood Squares never lied to the American people like that!"

"I loved that show," said Trump wistfully.  "Where are Charley Weaver and Paul Lynde when you need them?" 



Russell said...

Well, CNN should have hired some clever humorist like you and me to sit in those squares. I'm built like Charley Weaver and you have that like smirk like Paul Lynde. We'd never lie to the American public, but we could make them laugh.

Perry Block said...

No, I would lie if it would get me a date with Phyllis Diller. Or maybe Gloria Borger.

Russell said...

I was thinking of hooking you up with Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Perry Block said...

I wouldn't mind with the young RBG. Believe it or not, this is her ...