Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Norton! Norton! (FF)

FF- Friday Fictioneers
© Vijaya Sundaram
"Norton!  Norton!"

"What is it, Ralph?"

"See the fireworks overhead, Norton? That means The Honeymooners is starting!"
"But, Ralph, the fireworks on The Honeymooners are over Brooklyn, not over a farmhouse in Kansas."

"That's not important, Norton!   Where's Trixie?  Where's Alice?  Bang zoom, one these days, she's going to the moon!"

"But, Ralph, I'm tellin' you this isn't ..."

"Maybe tonight's episode is the one where I try to learn how to play golf in the apartment and you show me how to address the ball by saying Hello Ball! That was FUNNY, Norton!"

"Ralph, just because our names are Ralph and Norton doesn’t mean this is The Honeymooners!”

"What’d you mean, Norton?"

"Ralph, we're actors Ralph Fiennes and Edward Norton!"

"Oh, yeah.  I forgot."


And I forgot to show up the last few weeks for Friday Fictioneers. Ralph and Ed and I are at least back for this week with this vintage TV interpretation of the the picture prompt above.

The other Friday Fictioneers have posted their stories and you can read them... bang zoom! ... by clicking right here.

All right, folks, say goodbye to Ralph and Ed and Ralph and Ed. Where are they going? Boomers, you need ask?

To the Moon!


thewritersvillage said...

Cute, in a newlywed sort of best buds, bromance, kind of, sort of, you know, off-beat, small explosive, serial style way.
Now I'm off to drive my bus.


Perry Block said...

Your comment is the greatest! Goodnight, everybody!

Russell said...

I hereby nominate you for Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of the Raccoon Lodge. Can't wait to see you in the hat.

Perry Block said...

One of these days, Russell, POW!, right in the kisser!

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Dear Perry,

I loved The Honeymooners. Just a note, Mr. Fiennes' name is pronounced "Rayf." Cute story.



Ga H said...

Can't say I understood a word of it, but never mind, that's the foreigner's lot. :)

Perry Block said...

Never knew that. Should have used Ralph Nader, I guess.

Perry Block said...

After Rochelle's comment, can't say I understand a word of it either.

Alistair Phillips said...

I'm guessing "The Honeymooners" is a film or something? In any case, I like the idea of a famous actor mixing up his reality with fantasy :-)

liz young said...

There are times when I wonder what you're smoking :)

Perry Block said...

Yeah, a very famous TV show from the 50's so you have to be at least in your 50's to know it, although it has been frequently rerun. Anyway, there was a Ralph and a Norton, just like today.

Perry Block said...

One of these days, Liz ... bang zoom ... to the moon!

brudberg said...

I must admit I belong to the culturally ignorant who have never watched the honeymooners (I have never mooned either) but the case of actors acting up is truly funny...

Dawn said...

I can see where they would get confused. lol

P.S. Joshi said...

If I'm not mistaken, that old series is still running some places. I'm sure a number of people own discs of it. The younger people are even collecting old radio programs. It's all now called retro. Good writing, Perry. Funny stuff. :D --- Suzanne

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