Friday, August 5, 2016

Sort of a Hoarder (FF)

FF- Friday Fictioneers 
copyright - Ted Strutz

"All these bottles and trinkets ... Clark, you're sort of a hoarder."

"I prefer collector."

"Okay, whatever. But please look for it already.  I've been dreaming about that special bottle of liqueur ever since the last time we drank it together."

"Well, let me see.  Is this it?   No, that's the Ginger Abdullah I brought back from the Isle of Krotsky in 1987."

"I know you can find it, Clark."

"Ah, this is it!  Nah, I'm wrong. This is the Absinthe of Absence from the Kropotkin Vineyards in Landesburg."

"Clark,  you gotta find it."

"Well, I'm not sure where it is, it could be almost any ...."

"Clark, how could you lose the Youth Potion we drank together 45 years ago?!"

"I dunno.   I guess I am sort of a hoarder."


And I guess I'm sort of a hoarder too. I've hoarded this story until Friday, which is late for an entry in the weekly Friday Fictioneers extravanganza (which somebody still has to explain to me how that all makes sense!), and I'm also continuing to hoard comments on your stories each week due to present concerns far beyond those of mortal men.

But despite that, you should read and comment on the stories of the other Friday (Wednesday?) Fictioneers , which you can access by clicking right here.

Meanwhile I'm going to go look for that potion. Oh, boy: Hair, virility, single's bars! See ya!


  1. The sure way to lose something at our house is put it somewhere where you won't forget where it is. If I ever find that magical spot again, I'm sure to uncover treasures that had been hidden so long I won't be able to remember what there for or why I thought they were worth saving at the time.

    And all this time I thought you were a herder (as in goats), not a hoarder. I guess we can just blame that on the bad hearing.

    1. If I get any older without the potion, It's likely to become necessary for me to be a herder (as in goats). Lately I've been watching Animal Planet for all the wrong reasons. It's interesting how now that I haven't been commenting on Fictioneers' posts for a couple of weeks, I'm getting no comments on mine whatsoever except for one from an weird old Southern guy. Boy, they forget you fast!

    2. Yeah, I've noticed the same thing when I don't get around to reading and commenting on other's post. My Dad always said, "If you want people to come see you, you have to go visit them too." It appears that's true in the virtual world as well.

      There are some people out there (i.e. - Kristen Lamb)who have built a large enough fan base they don't have to reply to comments or visit other blogs. Most of those folks write about writing, cooking, or offer expert advice on how to polish brass door knockers.

      All you and the old weird Southern guy have to offer is a few laughs. Perhaps we should consider holding weekly drawing for door prizes.

  2. I hope you find that youth potion because there won't be any more. Captain Jack Sparrow shot that place all to hell in this last movie. It was either him or the guys after him. My memory is not as good as it used to be. Funny story, Perry. :D --- Suzanne

    1. It's either a funny story or a very sad one. He's got to find it!

  3. I'll come help looking, if I get a portion too. :)

    1. We need all the help we can get. If we're lucky, get set for your twenties!

  4. Love this, "sort of a hoarder"! As someone who grew up with a hoarder and occasionally does the same, I know the feeling. Too funny and close to the truth. Maybe that's what really happened to the Fountain of Life, hidden somewhere in a condo complex in South Florida. Who would know? ;-)

    Anne from

    1. I can tend to be a hoarder too, but I don't think I'd lose the Youth Potion. I'd be bathing in it!

  5. LOL...well if you find me a sip!