Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Houses Are Getting Bigger Fast! (FF)

Note to the Friday Fictioneers:  Well, I managed to do the wrong picture prompt this week, but I have a good excuse.  I looked at Rochelle's Facebook page and this picture is what shows with the words above it "a particular favorite of mine."  Now what was I to think?  There it all was.  Actually I think all of you are wrong and I'm right! So why don't you guys get with the program?


FF- Friday Fictioneers

Oh, Amelia, you were right this trip has been a waste of time!

I promised I would never leave you to go house hunting on my own but we have to find a new house now if we're going to move by next month.

Bash Brannigan of TFOA Realty promised we’d find many affordable houses here, just like Hank Hudson did, but the houses are big and expensive.  Now I'll have to stay the weekend to keep looking, which seems like eternity away from you and the girls. 

Love ya!

Be strong in your female weightlifting competition Sunday. Tell the girls to be good and cheer you on!

Oh, crap, Bash is driving me to another neighborhood and it isn't promising. The houses are getting!


Poor guy, he hates being away from his wife and kids for the weekend. He's even got to miss Amelia's weightlifting competition.  Hopefully she isn't too mad and decides to bench press him upon his return.

Since I have done the wrong picture prompt this week, forget all about this picture now! The other Friday Fictioneers have done the correct one and their efforts are available by clicking here.

Looks like what I could have used this week to straighten myself out was a Hudson miracle!


brudberg said...

Ah.. somehow I have a feeling the weightlifting can come in handy in the posh neighborhood... especially if you have to defend your right to have pink flamingo lawn decorations... (might even make the neighborhood more affordable)

Perry Block said...

You're right! Who wouldn't want to live next to a female weight lifter who can bench press the entire neighborhood?

Russell said...

When you said you liked strong women, Perry, I assumed you were talking about body odor. Let's hope Amelia doesn't drop you like a 150 lb. dumbbell and run away with Bash Brannigan. That's almost as good a name as Dash Riprock.

plaridel said...

everybody makes mistakes. taking the wrong picture prompt this week is understandable. :)

Perry Block said...

Wait a minute, that story's not about me! I'm just paralleling the letter in the wrong picture prompt above. I had a lot of fun playing with it until I found out I had screwed everything up. Maybe Amelia will pop me one as my punishment.

Perry Block said...

How come nobody else did it? My brilliant story is being totally lost! (Well, it's kind of good, if not brilliant.)

Dawn said...

If you hadn't told us we wpuld have never known you used the wrong prompt ;)

Perry Block said...

And I thought I was unobservant!

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Dear Perry,

I have to say that even when you do it wrong you did it right. You get extra points for ingenuity but minus points for using the wrong photo. Nonetheless, I like what you did with it. You made me laugh.



P.S. Joshi said...

Hilarious, Perry. You and your character names and a female weight lifter to boot. Let's hope Amelia doesn't practice her weight lifting on the front lawn in a posh neighborhood. That won't go down well with the neighborhood committee. It will no doubt cause a traffic jam in the area. :D --- Suzanne

Subroto said...

What's a wrong prompt between friends? As long as your tale wags, its all good.