Friday, October 16, 2015

Christopher Walken Gives Christmas Presents to the Crew on Pulp Fiction

Hey.  Hello. 

Merry Christmas to all of you on the set. 

I sure have enjoyed it a whole bunch working with you on Pulp Fiction and to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have something for you all.

Now gather round me ... and I'll hand them out.  Say, do you want to try to guess what they are?

Yes, George?  Fruitcakes!?  You must think I'm as evil and sadistic as the characters I play in my career as America's foremost quirky cameo actor!   

Any other guesses?  No?

I've brought you watches! 

Really nice watches!  Quite similar in fact to the watch I give to the young boy in our little movie!

So, friends,  step right up and I'll bend over, reach back behind me, and hand you your watch!

What ... what seems to be the trouble?  I can see you're speechless.  I'm just gonna reach behind me, whip out each watch one at a time, and hand them to you!

Are you all just being shy? Look, I've got 15 watches back here, one for each of you. I carefully packed them up, tucked them away safe and cozy, and trudged over here with them this morning.  

Oh, yes, Bill? Where are they made? I believe it is a factory in Maine. Yes, they did travel quite a long way down South to get here.  Then they plopped right into my hands so I could give them to you.

C'mon, everybody, these are for you from me. I'm just going to bend over, reach around back here, grab one .... OOOHHHH, I'm not as young as I was in Annie Hall .... and give this watch to .... our friend, the sound man, Grover!

Hey, Grover, come back here! Everyone come back!! Come back!!!

I'll be damned! I bring all these watches in for everyone, put them on a table behind me so they'll be a surprise even though they're uncomfortable to reach, and nobody wants them.

Oh well, time to deliver my special gift to Quentin Tarantino. I really want to surprise him so I've hidden my gift very well.  Hey, Quentin, bet you'd never suspect that America's foremost quirky cameo actor would give you a baby grand piano!

I better find him. This is starting to tickle.


And in case you're not really clear what's going on above, here's Christopher Walken's bizarre turn as Captain Koons in Pulp Fiction.