Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Piece of Work Piece of Art

copyright Douglas MacIlroy

I was and still am her greatest work!”

"Sure, we've heard it all before, Seaside Contours," responded Pastel Princess wearily.

"Multiple times," added Sculpture of a Young Ballerina.

"And now they’re breaking up the collection, I with my sensuous mustache and alarm clock eyes am headed for MoMA! The Big Apple!"

"We know," sighed Pastel Princess.

"Where you going, Pastel?"

“Baltimore Museum of Art.”

"Baltimore? Great town if you like muggings! You, Sculpture?"

"Philly Museum of Art."

"Philly? Run up the steps you’ve seen the whole place!

"Psst, Sculpture:  Don’t worry, he's not just going to MoMA.”


"He's going into storage at MoMA. He'll have nobody to yak to for 75 years!"

Not all art is ennobling. I took one look at this week's prompt and saw a very obnoxious piece of art with a handlebar mustache and a mouth that never shuts.  If you're going to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, make sure he's safely tucked away in the basement before you venture forth.

Very ennobling, however, are the offerings of the other Friday Fictioneers, works of art all. Enable the ennobling by clicking here.

Oh, hello, Seaside Contours, what are you doing at my house?  OMG, willed to whom?!!! 


Björn Rudberg said...

Seaside Contours is quite a piece of art -- or ?

Sandra Crook said...

His time will come. Storage at MoMa sounds like a peaceful place to wait.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Dear Perry,

I had an art teacher who told us that no one could say what art was. Then he looked over a student's shoulder and said, "That's not art." So much for lessons learned, eh?



Douglas MacIlroy said...

Dear Perry,

You no like my art? Dang. Still and all, storage at MoMA for 75 years is better than swap meet in Waimea next Saturday. Nice piece of art you wrote here.



JanuarysDreamer said...

Modern artists the world over are cringing! Congratulations! :)

Perry Block said...

I do like it very much! But if it were a guy, it would be an obnoxious guy; look at that blabbering mouth! Maybe he will be more humble by the time his day in the sun does come. It's a great prompt, Doug, and a great work of art.

Perry Block said...

It is quite a piece of art, and a piece of work!

Dawn said...

I love how you animated the art!. That was fun!

Ruth said...

Very Clever.....A scary bunch of pieces!

Russell said...

And thus the great art debate of 2014 has begun. There's nothing I hate worse than mouthy, self-absorbed art . . . unless of course it's my creation.

Alicia said...

Pastel Princess! Ha!

mariegailstratford said...

Fun stuff this week, Perry! If only art could talk . . .


nanclairefalkner said...

Pastel Princess is great! and I love your comment to Doug. The prompt is so good this week because there were so many ways to go. Wow! Good job Perry. Love your story! Nan :)

mikefalkner1 said...

Put in Isolation for 75 years ? -- I always love reading your stories. You make me laugh every week. You are a MUST READ writer.

P.S. Joshi said...

Perry, Funny piece. That mouthy piece of art was probably a gift from someone. He probably will have an excuse for his storage. He has an ego that won't let that stop him. : ) --- Susan said...

The Sculpture of a Young Ballerina is going to Philly? Sounds like she should go to MoMA since it's New York and all. A charming piece, Perry. You always inspire me.

Perry Block said...

Probably not peaceful for the other works of art. I hope he doesn't drive the Van Goghs crazy.

Perry Block said...

I actually really like this piece. Unfortunately so does the piece! Thanks, Rochelle.

Perry Block said...

Thank you, thank you! Wait ... for what?

Perry Block said...

I just call's em like I sees em!

Perry Block said...

I only find Seaside Contours scary.Athough who knows? Maybe the others are just jealous of a genius.

Perry Block said...

Don't worry, Russell. We're not talking about mouthy self-absorbed artists at all!

Perry Block said...

Yeah, I'd like to check her out too. I mean, from an artistic standpoint!

Perry Block said...

If it would talk like Seaside Contours, glad it doesn't.

Perry Block said...

Thank you, Nan. And Seaside Contours sends his regards too. And his regards. And his regards. And some more regards. And some more ...

Perry Block said...

Thank you so much, Mike. Maybe I'll start reading me myself.

Perry Block said...

My guess is that MoMA will be trying to trade him within one hour after he gets there.

Perry Block said...

Thank you, Amy. That's what I'm here for - 24/7 inspiration. Just give me time to get some coffee if you call after 11:00.

thewritersvillage said...

cute one as usual,
I can almost see a Disney production in the making here.

Perry Block said...

Yep, he reminds me of the Clock in "Beauty and the Beast" too. (Cogsworth?)

margirene said...

It's a real shame this collection is going to be broken up. They've got an awesome group dynamic happening. Great story.

Perry Block said...

Well, if you want to lead the campaign to keep the collection together, Margirene ...

Subroto said...

Seaside Contours what great name. I'm surprised that no one's mentioned yet that the iconicity of the purity of line brings within the realm of discourse the remarkable handling of ljght in this art exhibition.
Loved your satirical take on the art world (er it is satirical, isn't it?)

lizy-expat-writer said...

People who stick seashells on bits of wood deserve all they get in my book - museum storage is too good!

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