Monday, August 7, 2017

Trivago Way to Go II!

I guess it was inevitable that the smooth"as his beard hair is not" Trivago Guy would eventually be joined by a Trivago Girl.

And in introducing her to the American public the folks at the Trivago Company have not only outdone themselves, they have also outdone almost anybody else who’s ever outdone themselves in the entire art of outdoing.

Why is that?

She’s gorgeous.

She has a unique and affecting Australian accent all her own.

Did you ever hear anyone say “remembah” like she does?

She looks great in a dress and great in a casual top and jeans and great dressed like a lumberjack, as above, and great in a burlap sack should she ever appear in such. She looks great with her hair up and great with her hair down and she’d probably look great with no hair at all.

Yeah. No hair at all. 

Many of us did a double take when we first saw the Trivago Girl on the air.
Does that mean they’ve dumped the Trivago Guy, we wondered?  Watching him eating pancakes and stealing soap of late seemed to indicate that he was on the verge of “jumping the shark,” the term originating from when a water-skiing Fonzie actually jumped a shark on Happy Days indicating the show was fresh out of fresh ideas and about to sink beneath the waves.  

But the Trivago Guy did indeed return and the Trivago Girl and Trivago Guy became a tag team made in commercial heaven. Not only did she charm and entice we men out there in the dark but she also re-energized the Trivago Guy because now we saw him less but in well-coordinated sync with her.

The Trivago people also hit the bullseye when they decided to implement a distaff version of the original Trivago personage who actually possesses a staff. The two of them never appear in the same commercial, so that men and women are able to fantasize freely about sex with each one of them as appropriate without slamming smack dab into the boner killing (and the female version thereof) prospect that the two of them might be into each other rather than us, god forbid!

Meanwhile I have never used Trivago and probably never will.  I don’t go anywhere. But it doesn’t really matter.

Long live the Trivago Girl!

And the Trivago Guy?

We’ll let him stick around a bit longer too.




Unknown said...

Yeah, was getting a little tired of Trivago Guy.

Perry Block said...

Yep, me too. But won't be tired of the Trivago Girl for a good 5, 6 months. Then scrap the whole campaign and we'll just watch Flo.

Russell Gayer said...

I thought you were still hung up on Marge who did the Palmolive commercials five decades ago.

ATT & Toyota have some attractive young ladies as well. It's much easier to fantasize about them than the plastic stick girls in the Revlon ads.

Perry Block said...

Marge can soak me in it any day of the week. Just imagine how she looks now!