Friday, August 8, 2014

Boy, You Look Great!

I was at a social gathering of late at which I ran into a number of people I hadn't seen in years.  It was truly good to see them and also good to see how many of them were holding up well despite the onslaught of years.

"Hi, John," I bubbled,  "super to see ya!  Boy, you look great!"

"Oh, hi, Perry," returned John.  "Did you happen to see if they have any dip at the crudites table?"


Isn't it just polite to say back to me "You look great too, Perry" even if it's about as true as a pledge to walk the straight and narrow from Lindsay Lohan?

Next I bumped into Philip.

"Phillip, how are you?  Boy, you look great!"

"Oh, hi, Perry.   Do you happen to know where the head is?" 

Now this was getting ridiculous!  Whatever happened to common courtesy?  Even if I look like the onslaught of years is treating me like the onslaught of Crusaders upon a Saracen castle, hey, say something nice, dude!

Okay, here comes Debbie.  Time to put this to the test.

"Perry," she gushed, "how the hell are you?"   

This was promising.

"Debbie," I  said warmly, "boy, you look great!" 

"Thank you, Perry," responded Debbie.  "And you ... umm.... er.... are a sight for sore eyes too."

Okay, that'll do.  I'll take that any day. 

And, oh, by the way,  folks --- boy, you look great!



Beth said...

Perry, you look great! This was cute and so are you.

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Beth! Do you happen to know where the head is?

Carrie Rubin said...

I think they were all just jealous. They're probably back at home now saying, "Dang that Perry looks good! What happened to me?" ;)

Perry Block said...

You know what, Carrie? After that nice comment I hope you get 800 comments per post on your blog!

Carrie Rubin said...

Oh my, my fingers would be flying over the keyboard trying to answer all those!

Perry Block said...

No, I would help you with your fans. And steal as many of them as I could fit into my hard drive!

Carrie Rubin said...

Fans in a hard drive--that might be a bit creepy...

Anonymous said...

Ah, what do they know? It's the opinions of your "imaginary" friends here in the blog world that matter. BTW, you are looking great today, Perry! Happy Monday.

Red Handed said...

hahahaha atleast u were not thoroughly disappointed.

Perry Block said...

Thank you, Patty. You look great too! And I'm not just being polite because I'm not that polite.

Perry Block said...

And I can see that the number of comments you get on your blogposts look great too! Please sell me the secret....

dSavannah george-jones said...

Looking fine, Perry! :)

Perry Block said...

Just saw this comment, goddess, believe it or not. Your supplicant thinks you look great too!

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