Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Damn, I Sure Hope The Desk Works! (FF)

"I really like that desk," said the customer to Tom, who worked the Fifth Street shop on Thursdays.

"Yes, it's one of our finest antiques, sir," Tom replied.

"Y'know, I feel like just sitting at the desk would help me to write better."

"Now, sir" laughed Tom, "the desk comes with no guarantee that you'll write better."

"Well, who knows?  I'll take it."

"As you wish, sir," said Tom,  quite pleased to have made the sale and earned a small commission.

"You know my name is Tom too," said the  man. "Now lemme give it a try:  "When in the course of human peoples doing all kinds of neat stuff, it becomes cool for them to boot out the king .... damn, I sure hope the desk works!"


Apparently the desk worked. 

Of course, the other Friday Fictioneers need no such desk other than as the subject of their stories, which are available by clicking here.

Let's just re-title this story "A Tale of Two Toms."


P.S. Joshi said...

Perry, Look in one of the drawers as my first comment might be there. Here's a second one. Wow! That desk really outdid itself. Funny, creative, and well-written piece as usual. :) ---Susan

Sandra Crook said...

I think that desk used to belong to E L James. Sure of it, in fact... Nice one Perry.

Perry Block said...

When in the course of human events, I sure appreciate your comments, Susan!

Perry Block said...

I didn't know E.L. James wrote the Declaration of Independence. Always a learning experience here at the Friday Fictioneers!

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Dear Perry,

Good luck with that desk thing. I find that holding my tongue a certain way and thinking about Louisa May Alcott helps my writing.



brudberg said...

Ha.. I guess there might be some pussy action in a tale of two toms... :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the inspiring desk. Bound to work. Maybe that's my problem - I write on a laptop on my lap!

Perry Block said...

Exactly what I do!

Perry Block said...

I think maybe not this time around ....

Perry Block said...

I don't think you need the desk, but I'll pay any price!

Alicia said...

When in the course of human peoples doing all kinds of neat stuff - nice way to put that. Long live the King! Oops. Another great story, Perry. Alicia

Anonymous said...

so the desk will bring him his own declaration.of independence... long live the new state of mind...

liz young said...

Never in the course of human conflict was ... a smart desk needed so badly! Good story, as always!

Russell said...

Why not invite Mr. Thumb and have three Toms the fun?

Perry Block said...

Y'know, maybe it was better the first way, Alicia. Who needs the damn desk?

Perry Block said...

History does not tell us of any other declaration of independence, and certainly not of Jefferson's slaves. Too bad the new state of mind didn't bring him some further enlightenment.

Perry Block said...

I think you just coined a new term --- smart desk! You and me is going into business.

Perry Block said...

I would, but I'd rather invite the Doublemint Twwins and have two mints, two mints,, two mints in one!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rochelle that holding one's tongue a certain way does help the creative process.

Funny piece this week, temporal anomalies not withstanding.


Unknown said...

Can you locate the desk maker. Many needed nowadays.

Anonymous said...

His story sure is neat, Perry. In the course of my response, I wish to tell you that I loved your story. I think the desk does wonders. Always a great read, Perry. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes- the Desk! there are so many varieties now a days... there are "Smart" ones and then there are those "Auto" ones :)

Anonymous said...

Funny how a piece of furniture can be so inspiring. I wish my desk inspired me to dust it.

Wonderful use of the prompt. Well done!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if we looked through Charles Dickens' wastebasket, we'd see the original drafts of the opening pages of A Tale Of Two Cities: "When life is good, it's very, very, good. When life is bad, it's lousy." Go, Perry! Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Perry - you are just TOO COOL! Funny take and love the story! Nan :)

Dawn said...

I’m feeling very thankful for that desk. Lol

liz young said...

Strictly 50-50, Perry!

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