Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Straight to Her Door

"Hey, John, why so down in the dumps?"

"It's Shelly. I really love her, but I'm not getting anywhere. All these moods, changes, twists, turns ...I just can't find the road to the door to her heart!"

"No problem, man, I can help you." 

"What can you do?"

"I can tell you how to get right to where you wanna be in no time."

"What's that?"

"I said I can put you on the road to her door that's just as short and straight as the way to the pyramid at the end of the boardwalk." 


"With the Beatles.  And just the right song."

"What's that?"

"This one, of course."


And what aren't the Beatles right for?  They influenced us in every way --- music, thought, culture, style, and more.  Even though today I can't stand Paul McCartney, I would still die for him. 

Well, this straight to the heart romantic advice represents my weekly contribution to the Friday Fictioneers.  Click here for the straight and effortless path to the other Fictioneers and their many thoughts, musical and otherwise, on the picture prompt above.

Remember, all you need is love .... of my blog posts! 


Lewis Cave said...

Where have you been all my life? The Beatles, that's it? True love here I come. Thanks

Perry Block said...

Well, not just the Beatles. In this instance, the right and most ironic Beatles' song.

theeclecticeccentricshopaholic said...

i'm not sure if we should take love advice from a self-confessed desperatephile :) but i do like the Beatles

Adam Ickes said...

Never cared much for the Beatles. Never really did understand the appeal of those guys.

Perry Block said...

All due respect, Adam ... you're nuts! But you're just too young. If you were from our generation, you'd get it.

In any event, no one gets this piece. Just made a change to see if I can make it clear.

Perry Block said...

I agree no one should ever take advice from me, but you're taking it from the character in the story, not me. And he knows his stuff.

Dawn Q. said...

There are certainly songs that are bound to pull you in... this is one of them. Not sure a song, ANY song, can make a romance work... if it's not working. I like this dialogue, Perry.

Sandra Crook said...

I do know the Beatles, but I didn't get it either. That's probably me though, I'm not at my brightest and best first thing in the morning. I agree with your comments about Paul McC, he doesn't do it for me these days but I appreciate his contribution to the back-catalogue.

P.S. Joshi said...

I got the story, which was well done, when I heard the song. Beautiful song from a talented group. I can see that this story was tailored so that you could share a song of your favorite group with the readers. I enjoyed both.

Perry Block said...

Tlhanks, Sandra. You didn't get it either, then it still needs work. At least the McCartney joke is clear. Well, if you get this message, it is all explained in the response to the comment above.

Perry Block said...

Thanks for the nice comment, but looks like you didn't get it either. I think I really muffed this one!

janet said...

Sounds to me as though there's not an easy way there at all, but he's always coming back to try...but I imagine that's wrong, too. Rochelle's the big Beatles fan in the group (besides you, evidently.) I'm old enough, but while I liked their early British Invasion music and some of their other songs, they weren't really "my thing." Not quite sure why. Sounds as though it's been a hard day's night for you with this story.


bridgesareforburning said...

HI Perry,
I agree with you that the Beatles are fab, and I got the reference to The Long and Winding Road. By the way, have you listened to the "naked" remix of Let It Be? Phil Spector did the original "wall of sound" mix, but later the Beatles went back and did this remix that is closer to their concept for the album. I think you might like it and you'll notice a difference on The Long and Winding Road. You can listen to it on Youtube. So glad you're a Beatlesmaniac. Now, all you need is love. Ron

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Dawn! Still not sure I've made my point, which is the song that will give John what he seeks --- a short and straight road to Shelly's heart --- is "The Long and Winding Road (that leads to your door)." Funny, that's immediately what I thought of when I saw the prompt, and while writing the piece I thought "this is so obvious,"it's almost a cheat," and yet nobody got it. The morale of the story is that some younger people don't know the Beatles that well and/or you can't have a link to click on as the capper of a piece. Thanks for writing!

JudahFirst said...

Live and learn, Perry. (Or is that "Live and Let Die? ;) ) I had a bit of trouble with this one, but the idea is sound.

Russell said...

So, that's my problem. Here I've been playing "Helter Skelter" thinking it would get me some action. Thanks for getting me back on the straight and narrow, Perry.

Björn said...

Hey Perry.. personally I'm the walrus... great to use Beatles.. they can sometimes be a real inspiraiton.

Perry Block said...

That's funny! I think it's funnier than my post which was a bitch to finally change enough that anybody got it!

Perry Block said...

Well, I am the Eggman, coo-coo-key-choo! I'm not going to attempt any more posts where the punch line is a song.

Perry Block said...

You got the idea. Thanks for trying too!

Perry Block said...

At last someone got the reference! I'm exhausted from all this. Yes, I read McCartney so hated the Spector version of The Long and Winding Road, he framed Spector for murder. Learn something new every day! Thanks,Ron!

Perry Block said...

I hate this story now,but still love the Beatles. Thanks for weighing in, Janet. Still cannot believe you're 60!

Libby said...

You always seem to liven up the end of my day Perry. Thanks! By the way, you have quite a few comments here. Why are you always worried about people not commenting? Here's proof they are.

Perry Block said...

Libby, these are the Friday Fictioneers, a group of writers that share a picture prompt every week and each one writes a story about it. We all comment on each other's stories so there are a lot of comments, but this doesn't count as a "regular" blog post. Those get quite a different response. But thanks for checking in,

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Dear Perry,

I had to click on the link and listen to The Long and Winding Road. Not enough good things in my vocabulary to say about the Beatles. I've adored them since I was 10 and nothing's happened to change that. Your story led me back there.

Shalom and Hag Samayakh


Reading Pleasure said...

I think this is simply wonderful, story and all :-)

Adam Ickes said...

Watched the video. Tried to like it. Couldn't. Perhaps I am nuts, but that was just crap. Still don't get the appeal.

helenahannbasquiat said...

I saw Paul McCartney in concert in 1992?1993? Somewhere around there. Linda was still alive, and I was so glad that they played The Long and Winding Road. One of my favourites, darling, even though I, like you, have never REALLY been a Paul McCartney fan -- I like the dark, twisted John Lennon stuff better.

Atreyee said...

Have no idea about the Beatles Perry cos when we were younger,there was no net and not much exposure to English music but I get the idea-now only if in real life ,it were that easy ;-) said...

All you need is love. Yeah, is there anything else? That will definitely get him there and I hope he arrives in time. I hope so!

lingeringvisions said...

There was a time when that used to do it for me. ;)

Perry Block said...

Thank you. I've come to hate it but I'm glad you like it.

Perry Block said...

I knew you love the Beatles and I thought most right-thinking people do. But somehow no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make this one clear. The way to "the short and straight road" to her door is "the long and winding road." I thought of it immediately. I wish I hadn't.

Perry Block said...

I enjoyed your note a lot more than my story. Thank you, darling!

Perry Block said...

Yep, it only takes one song, as long as it's the right one. Unfortunately I've been trying to work with "inky dinky spider" and it's getting me nowhere.

Perry Block said...

Yes, I love that song but it's superfluous to the piece. Oy! Always glad to see you here, however, Amy.

Perry Block said...

After my experience with this piece, I"m afraid nothing will ever do it for me!

Perry Block said...

Never said "The Long and Winding Road" was their best song. Far from it. It just fits the story. "All You Need is Love" is another story!

nanclairefalkner said...

Gee Whiz Perry - I understand it and thought it was funny too. I'm not a huge Beatles fan but your humor wasn't lost on me. Good story! You're funny! Nan

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Nan. I don't know if it was funny, but it sure wasn't understood by the vast majority of Fictioneers, Beatles fans or not. Glad you liked it.

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