Thursday, September 19, 2013

Only Yesterday

"Is that really me? Is that really how I look?"

Eustace paused to regard himself in the reflective glass storefront en route to his weekly doctor appointment. It seemed only yesterday he was young and vibrant, but now he gazed upon a neck sagging to his shirt collar, wrinkles from forehead to chin, and a body shaped like a pear.  

Only yesterday.

Eustace sat in his doctor's office. "Eustace," said Dr. Jim, "I'm afraid there's a problem. "

"Oh, doctor, don't tell me!" protested Eustace. "It seems only yesterday I was young and vibrant."

"It was only yesterday, you idiot, and that's the problem!"


"Your bizarre obsession with Halloween! You don't have to wear that costume for another month and a half!"


Would that the years were a costume we could put on and take off  just like Eustace!  That's the morale of my contribution this week to the Fantastic Flying Friday Fictioneers as based upon the picture prompt above.

Nature will drape that costume upon you sooner than you know, so whatever it is you want to do, go do it, do it now, and don't let anything hold you back, least of all that most worthless and unprofitable commodity known as fear. And don't hold back from digging into the offerings and  life lessons of the many other wise Fictioneers as well, all available by clicking here.

Well, I've got me one consolation: at least I can take off this false rubber nose .......  OOOOOUUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHHH!!!


jlroeder said...

Ah I so wish these wrinkles were a mask. ;-) Um, but I'm not pulling on my nose either! haha! Fun stuff.

Sandra Crook said...

Ah, now I see what ails me! Nice one, an early morning grin from me and that's saying something.

theeclecticeccentricshopaholic said...

oh god i'm glad it wasn't permanent! haha for a while there i thought poor eustace aged in a matter of 24 hours.
"Would that the years were a costume we could put on and take off" i wish

mezzojan said...

Oh, so that's what's wrong with me. It's just a "chubby old lady" costume! Can I take it off now, please?

Perry Block said...

Yeah, just help me get this "Nouveau Old, Formerly Cute with the big nose and the sunken eyes" suit off first. It seems to be stuck!

Linda Palund said...

I didn't chuckle, Perry. You made me laugh out loud. However, I am trying to figure out what possible costume the poor guy is wearing - and why he is wearing it now. I love his name. I love that you used "young and vibrant" twice in your story - and I love the way we were all relating to getting old, before you pulled the rug out from under our shaky legs.

Russell said...

already prepping for Halloween, Perry? Every time I look in the mirror I ask who that old guy is, but no one seems to know. Great use of the prompt, brother. A very witty story.

zookyworld said...

Oh Eustace, you and your bad memory! I'm sure you don't remember me borrowing 50 bucks from you a week back, so let's let that be. And I like that you're so prepared for Halloween, you seriously got into character.

thebumblefiles said...

Oh, a good laugh today!! Yes, are we thinking of our Halloween costume already? Or, perhaps this no fear message is based on last week's birthday. That was last week, right?! Always a pleasure, Perry.

kindredspirit23 said...

That one was well worth the laugh!!!
I was really feeling sorry for the guy. Now, I REALLY feel sorry for him.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Dear Perry,

You are one delightfully warped individual. You have no idea how much I needed to laugh at this moment. Does this mean that I can take off the costume and I'll look 18 again? Love it! Love it!



Douglas MacIlroy said...

Dear Perry,

Put this in your top three for me, buddy. I laughed out loud as i read this. Sad to say, Halloween is only a few weeks away and I'm wearing his costume, too.



Doreen McGettigan said...

I will be laughing all day, Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Perry, you're such a doozey (that's deep South for "writer dressed up in old man's Halloween costume)! My old lady costume is in the attic. Thank goodness it's not quite time to put it on! Joy Ross Davis

Perry Block said...

They seem to be making so many wrinkled masks these days, but what's really amazing is why so many people buy them!

Perry Block said...

Yeah, next year I'm buying me a Batman costume!

Perry Block said...

I understand Eustace is only 24. He deserves to have that costume stick on for good!

Perry Block said...

And I love your comment! Thanks, Linda.

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Russell. That old guy in the mirror is probably the same old guy in my mirror. Why does he go around doing this?

We've got to find him and kill him!

Perry Block said...

Actually I do remember and it was $5,000. So pay up or Eustace will start appearing in your mirror from now on!

Perry Block said...

It's funny. I've been wearing this costume for years now always to be ready for next Halloween. I guess that's silly me being 32 and all!

bridgesareforburning said...

Hi Perry,
I've seen a lot of people dressing too young for their age, but yet to see anyone dressing too old, so your story broke new ground. And for that reason, the ending was a total surprise. Ron

Perry Block said...

Why feel sorry for him? Imagine all the candy he's going to get at Halloween from people feeling sorry for him!

Perry Block said...

In my case I'm hoping I can take off the costume and look 62 again! Thanks, Rochelle.

Perry Block said...

Well, take it off then, Doug! Here I'll get you some cold cream.

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Doreen. You're laughing on the outside, I'm dying on the inside!

Perry Block said...

You have an old lady costume? I've never seen it on you!

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Ron. I've got to jump into my ripped jeans, tie-dyed shirt, and sandals now and run down to see Canned Heat, but I know exactly what you mean!

lingeringvisions said...


glossarch said...

Excellent! I am considering taking my mask off for Halloween...but that would be just too horrible.

Perry Block said...

Groan? No, it's more of a Ba-ding, ding, ding, ding!

Perry Block said...

Well, how do you think Cher feels when she takes her mask off every night?

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