Sunday, December 4, 2011

Laughter, the Best Medicine

As has oft been said and is often quite true,  Laughter is the Best Medicine.

Laughter is not for everyone.

In some people, Laughter may cause the formation of small globules of saliva on the lips and sides of the mouth that may fling into the air and strike persons within close personal proximity thereby engendering  humiliation and social ostracism,  especially when such occurrence takes place at a business meeting, clandestine sexual encounter, or other social occasion. 

The drinking of water or other beverage immediately before Laughter may result in a gushing  projection of water or other beverage directly into the faces of persons in such similar close proximity, such occurrence often referred to as  a "spit take" originally made popular on network television in the 1950's on the television program The Danny Thomas Show.

Discontinue Laughter immediately if use should occur in conjunction with  (1)  a motion picture directed by the Farrelly Brothers, (2)  a motion picture or  television program starring and/or featuring actor Kevin James,  or (3) a  stand-up comedy performance by "image-changing in a moronic fashion" actor/comedian Bob Saget,  and immediately contact a physician or other health care professional.  

NEVER USE  Laughter one hour before,  after,  or during a stand-up comedy performance by Tracy Morgan, an "actor" and "comedian" fortunate to have a recurrent role on the television program 30 Rock because the program's creator Tina Fey for some unfathomable reason likes him. 

If use of Laughter should occur during any one of  such instances, IMMEDIATELY flush mouth, diaphragm, and brain and call for an ambulance to the nearest medical facility as such condition left untreated  may be fatal. 

Approximately 24% of all persons will upon the use or administration of Laughter simultaneously emit an unpleasant high pitched wheezing sound or staccato guttural barking sound which will result in unceremonious dumping by one's usually relatively new boyfriend or girlfriend within the next four to 24 hours.

Alcohol may intensify the effect of Laughter. Use of Laughter in conjunction with alcohol is therefore HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WHENEVER POSSIBLE.

Ask your doctor if Laughter is right for you.  

And if permitted by your doctor or other  health care professional, always chose the Generic Laughter over Brand name versions.  

It is much cheaper.



JudyA said...

Thanks for the study about laughter and medicine. And the chance to learn and laugh.

Perry Block said...

Thank you, Judy.

But I sincerely hope before you laughed, you did check with your doctor to see if Laughter is right for you.

Winonah said...

Perry, you have too much time on your hands. On the other hand, you've elevated kvetching to a new level.

Perry Block said...

You're the one I kvetch for, Winonah!