Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beware the LOJM! II


Today is Monday, September 12, 2011.

It is my 61st Birthday.

I am expecting a visit from that most unwelcome of guests, the mythical Jewish creature known as the LOJM!

For those who do not know, the LOJM (pronounced “LOW-JIM”) is a fearsome monster born of the history and mythology of the Jewish people, every bit as dreadful as the Golem of Prague, the Dybbuk, or any random movie featuring Adam Sandler

The LOJM, more formally known as the “Little Old Jewish Man,” stalks male members of the Chosen People beyond a certain age. Among its acts most foul, the LOJM maliciously destroys any and all record of the true handsome, youthful, and virile appearance of the people it torments.

People like me. Virile people like me!

Whenever a camera is brandished and about to be utilized to take a photograph of the LOJM’s prey, the fakockt fiend flings itself in front of the lens, blocking the true face of its victim and replacing it with its hideous own! Moving at hyper–speed, the monster arrives and departs undetected, leaving only the surrogate image of its gruesome visage as evidence of its foul and deceitful visitation.  

And sometimes a few mints.

The LOJM, it’s said, was created by God in partnership with the Jim Henson Company to assure that all Jewish men would act with humility. Here again the Big Guy managed to err on the side of overkill as when he cooked up that over-the-top lesson in male Jewish humbleness prominently featuring a scalpel.

How to defeat the LOJM? 

 My son Brandon and I devised a plan.

A picture of moi was to be taken. To confound the LOJM, the room was sprinklered with the odor of white milk and Little Debbies, said to be repugnant to the creature. Instead of saying cheese, I’d say Wonder Bread. 
All was executed as planned.

And then Brandon and I gazed at the image on the digital camera screen.

Those sunken cheeks. That near bald head. That shriveled and decayed flesh!

There before us was not me, but the protagonist from a joke by the late comedian Myron Cohen

“There was this lid-dle old Jew-ish man by the pool at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Bitch….”

Do you not miss a trick, you Meshugana Monster?

Once more, let me warn all male members of the Children of Israel of a certain age in every place and time!  Let me sound the clarion call!
Or at least hire a guy who knows what a clarion is and how to sound it. 
Beware the LOJM!

Or you might just want to sleep through your birthday instead. 



Lexi said...

Happy Birthday Perry!

Facebook did alert me to your birthday, but since they are always doing this about people whose names don't ring even the faintest of bells, I missed it.

And may I say, you're looking terrific?

Perry Block said...

Well, I'm keeping myself in shape for when we go to dinner together.

Picture us arm in arm!

Glynn said...

Happy birthday, Perry.

My 60th was last Wednesday. The LOCM (Little old Christian Man) already struck.

Perry Block said...

I'm so sorry, Glynn!

I understand the LOCM and LOJM hang out together and plot strategy.

That's the kind of interfaith cooperation we
DON'T need!

Jenny Hansen said...


I'm certain the LOJM has a punim that only a mother could love and that he has not shanghaid you yet. I'm staring at your profile pick and thinking two words: WAY CUTE.

And all this from a nice shiksa like me. I know these things. :-)

Perry Block said...

Thanks for the kind comment, but your WAY CUTE belongs to a picture that is WAY OLD!

Actually even the LOJM's mother must think he's kind of disgusting because she turned me down for a date. I should have never sent her that picture!

Always glad to hear from a nice shiksa like you ...