Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lord and Ruler of the Sea

"Thank you so much for the interview, King Neptune! It isn't every day one gets an exclusive with the Lord and Ruler of the Sea." 

"You're welcome.  I love to meet the gentle-fish of the press."

"Tell me, King Neptune, how did you come to be Lord of the Seas?"

"Six years ago  I overthrew democratically elected President Fishman in a watery coup. 
My legions of sea creatures slaughtered his shrimp army and he swam into exile."

"I remember.  And since then you've run a brutal and vicious dictatorship."

"Thank you very much.  It's good to be the king."

"I'm sure.  But it's even better to be a shrimp assassin posing as a reporter!"


Will the shrimp assassin succeed, or will he wind up smothered in cocktail sauce on King Neptune's table later that evening? That's the question posed in my Friday Fictioneers entry for the week. Ooops! Maybe the word entry (entree) gives it away a bit too much.

To feast upon the entrees of the other Fictioneers,  grab some cocktail sauce, and click here.

Happy Fourth of July!


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Dear Perry,

But is that shrimp cocktail Kosher? You made me laugh, lox, stock and bagel.



Perry Block said...

Lox, stock, and bagel? What a name for a deli! I wish I were an entrepreneur! Thanks, Rochelle and have a good holiday.

Anonymous said...

Dear Perry - Deviously brilliant - Long live the shrimp! Nan :)

Perry Block said...

I agree! Until he's eaten by one of us, that is

Anonymous said...

funny. I originally read:
"You're welcome. I love to meet the gentle-fish of the press"
"You're welcome. I love to meet the gefilte-fish of the press"

I thought what the f-? That's funny; and then I caught my reading error on the second go-round.

But it would have fit in perfect with Rochelle's comments - lox, stock and bagel.


Sandra Crook said...

You need to watch those shrimp - devious little beggars. Nice one Perry.

Perry Block said...

I really like that line too. I might even change it after a bit. Thanks to you and Rochelle, Randy!

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Sandra. Have a shrimp!

Anonymous said...

I love your silliness, Perry, and I especially love shrimp assassins!

Unknown said...

Now I am hungry for some shrimp! Good one! ^..^

Perry Block said...

Glad you do ... because THERE'S ONE RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!

Perry Block said...

Just don't eat the assassin. He may be needed the next time a vicious ruler steps out or line!

Unknown said...

Well, that's one way to get fish slapped. Somehow, I don't think it looks very good for the shrimp.


Anonymous said...

It's good to be the king. This line cracked me up - short simple and oh so true. Happy 4th of July, Perry. Alicia

liz young said...

Did someone mention Thousand Island Dressing? Funny one, Perry!

Anonymous said...

LOL so silly! shrimp assassin... imagine being killed by a shrimp. haha happy 4th of july Perry :)

Dawn said...

A watery coup...too funny!

P.S. Joshi said...

Perry, The program seems to have swallowed up my first comment. That's been happening lately. My comment went something as follows: Good and humorous story as usaul. I'd guess it is good to be king. I'm hungry for shrimp now also. : ) ---Susan

Russell said...

I see this as a Mafia style operation with sharks as his henchmen. The king's biggest concern should be E. coli from eating Chicken of the Sea that was not properly prepared.
I originally read gentle-fish as Gentile-fish- ha!

Anonymous said...

I always check on your stories, guaranteed laugh. Shrimp assassin!

Anonymous said...

Happy Fourth, Perry! Hope it was a good, loud one! I was off celebrating so only now have posted my story. :) I would like to meet King Neptune. That just sounds so cool.

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