Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why Aging Sucks

Words here are truly unnecessary ...

Billy Joel

Age 30

Age 60
We love you just the way you were ...


Brigitte Bardot

Age 20

Age 72
You're alone with her on the beach and she's wearing nothing but a towel.
 It begins to slip off....


Laurence Olivier

Age 32

Age 72
Sans teeth, sans taste, sans eyes ...


Cheryl Tiegs

Age 22

Age 60
Would you believe the modeling gigs 
have all dried up? 


Peter Frampton

Age 22

Age 62
No, I'm not Billy Joel!


Tina Louise

Oh, to be stranded on an 
uncharted desert isle with her!


James Garner

Age 28

Age 78
 File it under "G"
 for Geezer, Mr. Rockford.


Donna Douglas
(Elly Mae Clampett)

 Age 25

Age 75
Well, Go-o-o-l-l-e-e-e-e, Pa!


Grace Slick

 Age 30

Age 70
Please, Grace, one pill make you younger! 


And this one 
you won't believe


Keith Richards

 Age 22

Any age over 22



Age 21

Age 61

Well, there's always one exception
 to the rule.


Hey, who's writing this? 

You or me?


And that's why Aging

The End


Unknown said...

No fair. We should see the real you!!

Perry Block said...

All right, all right. You want an approximation?

Just scroll up to the young Olivier.

As I said, who's writing this, you or me?

Lisa Lynch said...

Is someone trying to steal your mustache?

Perry Block said...

Thanks so much for the two LOLs!

Wait a minute. That's two LOLs out of how many possible LOLs? If it's four, how dare you?

Thanks for writing, Libby.

Perry Block said...

Of course not. That's a hot babe with her hand around my face!

(Actually it's my male roommate but since I'm already lying about how I look at age 61, might as well lie about that too.)

Thanks, Lisa.