Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Environmentally Correct (FF)

copyright Sandra Crook

"What kind of people are these?" exclaimed Michele.  "To leave a beautiful site like this so disgusting and filthy!"

Michele and Billy were taking a walk on Sunday across Sutter's Bridge when they came upon the shameful scene.

"Who knows?" agreed Billy. "I can't imagine how anybody could be so malicious to heave anything and everything off the bridge like this!"

"Let's clean it up!" proclaimed Michele. 

Michele and Billy scrambled off the bridge and down to the site, eager to get started. "Here, Michele," said Billy, "hand me that rock and plot of grass and I'll start siphoning up all the water."

"Great, Billy!  In no time at all we'll have the rubbish, shit, and garbage looking as perfect and pristine as new!"

You've probably encountered sites like this too --- all those babbling brooks and waterfalls covering up beautiful car tires, beer cans, and dead bodies!  Well, I'm proud to say that my Friday Fictioneers story this week strikes a powerful call for the environment!

Please hug an abandoned tire today.

You may also want to hug one or all of the other Fictioneers (literally or figuratively) by clicking here. And then please help me and Billy siphon up all this disgusting water. Here's your straw.


Anonymous said...

Al Gore just had a heart attack from you.


Perry Block said...

Got one from the Supreme Court earlier. Thanks for writing, Randy!

Sandra Crook said...

Very clever. :) (sorry if this appears twice, posted then had to sign into Google for some reason).

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Dear Perry,

I think Michele and Billy miss the point of cleanup. Just saying.



Douglas MacIlroy said...

Dear Randy,

I am unable to leave a comment on your post that addresses your story. Blogspot keeps locking me out. I'm using the Elgoog mirror site to get this through to you. Please clean up the trash and switch to WP soonest.



Anonymous said...

That was one Rad Environmentalist Couple !

Alicia said...

Oh, what a great twist at the end. Really caught me off guard.

brudberg said...

I knew that there are reasons for dumps.. it's just different views on beauty.. it has to be.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these two are geniuses! Very funny take on the prompt :-)

Russell said...

You must be the same guy who decorated Detroit.

Perry Block said...

It doesn't appear twice, Sandra, don't worry. The more common problem for me is that comments don't even appear once!

Perry Block said...

In their world, they've got it nailed. Who's to say random beer cans aren't more beautiful than waterfalls where they live?

Perry Block said...

I'll pass that on to Randy right away. I hate Blogger, but here my site be ensconced. Maybe one day I'll decide to join the switch but for now indolence prevails.

Perry Block said...

I dunno. At least they live their convictions, which is more than most people can say.

Perry Block said...

Good, Alicia. But I'm not going to catch you off guard, so I hope you land on something soft.

Perry Block said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But these two really need glasses!

Perry Block said...

Well, I only hang out with geniuses. My next story will feature Albert Einstein dishing on Kim Kardashian.

Perry Block said...

Not me, it's Michele and Billy. I understand they do a lot of landscaping business in the Ozarks. I'll send them over, I think I get a commission.

Dawn said...

I can see this. These are those people, you know the ones that like "modern" art. Sculptures made out of just such debris. Yep, I've seen their "work".

Perry Block said...

You've seen it, yes. But if you want to buy a geniune Billy and Michele, you're going to have to pay plenty!

Anonymous said...

A cynical and humorous take - enjoyable :) .

Anonymous said...

Hug a spare tire--yep, all those holiday treats are packing on the pounds. So nice of you to notice. Thanks for doing your part to clean up the environment.

liz young said...

Each to their own, I suppose - Billy and Michelle are not my kind of people!

Perry Block said...

What's cynical? Damn, there's another flower cluttering up our environment!

Perry Block said...

I'm sure that you have no spare tire and no need to fear my hugging you! And thanks, the environment is indeed safe in my hands.

Perry Block said...

They always speak well of you. In fact they're coming over with a matched set of empty coke cans right now!

Anonymous said...

Perry, Well, at least they care, I guess. Hilarious ending. :) --- Susan Joshi

Perry Block said...

They do care! They never met a hunk of rusted metal they didn't love. Who of us can say as much?

Dawn Q. said...

Admittedly, for one brief second I thought you'd gone serious on us, Perry. Your twists are always some of my favorite! Very clever for a nouveau old guy.

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Dawn. Only problem is that I'm really an established old guy now. But I'm not changing my name or my picture!

Anonymous said...

Dear Perry, Great story! I don't think that the pigs would want to visit this site. Cute! Nan :)

Unknown said...

Great twist. Has more power than a lecture.

margirene said...

If you're going to have a dump, at least make it a sparkling one. I get that. I like their style. Good story.

Perry Block said...

Thanks, Nan. What do you mean? All my relatives want to visit that site!

Perry Block said...

I'm still going to lecture you though. Here's "The Pure Joy of Macroeconomics," Part 1 of 5.

Perry Block said...

Thanks! Yep, that rubbish is gonna shine.

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