Saturday, January 7, 2012

Perry's Headline News, Part II

I can hardly believe that only a few months ago I was thrilled that there was a person in the Presidential race with the same last name as my first one.

I was prepared at that time to fatten up on the succession of glorious headlines that would elicit the mistaken impression that I am indeed one hell of a very cool and dynamic guy!

But Reality has o'erstripped my hoped-for vicarious glory. Recent headlines about the self-same candidate have accomplished anything but provide reinforcement to my always fragile sense of self-worth:

Perry Confuses Ass with Elbow at Debate

Perry Protests Unfairness of Question as to Own Name

Perry Declares he is Ronald McDonald Conservative 

 Perry Calls Perry an Idiot, Then Remembers He is Perry

 Perry Stands with Back to Podium at Debate, Shows Best Side

Will somebody please get this guy out of the race before he does any more permanent damage to my psyche?

In the meantime, I'll focus my self-deceptive and delusional attentions on headlines about Katy Perry.   Heck, not only am I MTV's Artist of the Year,  I've just dumped that annoying Russell Brand! 

And, all my hits aside, ya can't help but dig the way this 61 year old Boomer dresses!

Hot as Hell, ain't I?


K.D. McCrite said...

Perry, this is a lovely picture of you. You've certainly changed, but I'm glad to see you've kept your long blue hair.

Please don't run for public office. It would ruin you.

Perry Block said...

Thanks, but it's a toupee.