Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump Signs Executive Order Barring All Americans from Entry into America

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Flanked by White House staff and leading Republican senators and congressmen, President Trump today signed into effect his latest Executive Order, which provides a 90 day ban for entrance into America for all Americans.  The President stated he is taking this action in order to protect every American from Americans.

"Last year, Americans killed over 15,956 Americans," commented Mr.Trump. "Do you think I'm going to allow some American to come into America and kill Americans?  Not on my watch!" 

Pursuant to the order, over 17 million Americans have already been stopped at American airports and deported back to their home country.  Since their home country is America, they are being deported to Little America in Antarctica.

"Everything is going very smoothly," said Mr. Trump,"as I know more about implementing a ban on Americans than any other American ever living in America. In fact, I may extend the ban indefinitely as long as the deadly risk to Americans by Americans continues."

"Or at least as long as the deadly risk to me of being criticized by Americans continues."



Russell said...

Americans really scare me. Especially those from other countries like New Jersey and Los Angeles (city of angels my ass). I heard one on TV say that he can't wait for the pipeline to be completed so gas prices will go down and he and his cronies can afford to expand the territory they cover on random drive-by shootings.

A lot of these murderous Americans, such as O.J. Simpson, came in by birth. I'm hoping the President considers this and rethinks his stance on abortion. No one should be forced to have a baby who will grow up to be a murderer.

Perry Block said...

Yes, I am so afraid of Americans (by god, they're everywhere!) that I came out of hiatus to write this cautionary piece. Look around you, Russell, there's Americans! Be forewarned.
Okay, back to hiatus for now but occasionally I may pop back in when the circumstances so provide.