Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For Those Still Reading

For any of those who didn't suddenly remember while reading the first post that they had forgotten an important appointment to have blood drawn, perhaps a word of clarification is in order.

While there is no book about two federal statutes falling in and out of love against the tempestuous backdrop of the Bush Administration, I wouldn't be prone to pushing any money off the table were the Harlequin Romance folks to come a'calling.

A Jew's Christmas 2009 actually does exist in the form of a number of tweets I made this past Christmas. These short missives --- while deeply heartfelt --- are woefully too few in number to snag me a hugely successful commercial blockbuster unless you happen to be such a slow reader you consider the packaging on a pack of chewing gum to be a two-week beach read.

Since I can't count on that with so many Sylvan Learning Centers around, I plan to resume authorship of my loving and sensitive Judeo-Christian cross-cultural perceptions starting with A Jew's Christmas 2010 and continuing thereafter until I either begin bagging some serious Benjamins or get so sick of the whole sorry enterprise I chuck it all and become a Mormon.

 My resolutions for 2010 are as follows:

1) Do a bit of writing in my new-fangled blog entitled Perry Block - Nouveau Old, Formerly Cute. 

2) Be referred to, at least once, as the "rose-bud lipped" Mr. Block.

Even as lazy as I am about writing, I tend to believe I may get a bit farther with Resolution No. 1 than with Resolution 2. 

Now, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their winter and has a great Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, and Tu B'Shevat!

Look at you!  Nodding like you know what I'm talking about when I mention Tu B'Shevat, or conversely pretending you're a gentile so you can go "Golly, I know Groundhog Day and St. Valentine's Day but what's that Jewishy-sounding one?"

You're not fooling anybody, boychick! Okay, I'm going to flip over all the cards and tell you that Tu B'Shevat is the Jewish Festival for Trees. 

Hopefully it's a hell of a lot more fun for them than it is for us.   

And Have a Wonderful 2010!!!



LaNeshe said...

A happy 2010 to you my friend.

Sara (sjptweets) said...

And what ficticious works of fiction are in the works for 2010? (That was a mouthful. Although I didn't speak it, I thought I guess it was thoughtful? Wait, no that can't be right.)

Perry Block said...

Well, since you asked, Sara, I'm planning a sprawling epic about the Roman Empire to span the rise of the Caesars, the zenith of Rome's splendor and glory, and the Empire's final cataclysmic fall to the marauding barbarians. It will be called either "Gee, Don't Perry's Legs Look Ridiculous in a Toga?" or "I Cutius (Formerly)." I haven't made up my mind yet.

Other than that, nothing else planned.

So, how's by you?


Monica Diaz said...

I am still reading...and laughing! I love your sense of humor, Perry! And I just adored your concept of Nouveau Old, Formerly Cute, because its, well..cute! Thanks for pointing me here and congratulations on the blog. See ya on Twitter!

Perry Block said...

Monica, your compliment is very gratifying, especially considering that I had to bludgeon you into being a follower. And I'm glad to see that someone who is Currently Young, Currently Cute can relate to the concept altogeher.

Have a great weekend!


Perry Block said...

Sorry, LaNeshe, missed you as the first commenter.

I wish you a Happy 2010 also! Although I guess January is more or less over so I can't really wish you very much with respect to it. At least, here's hoping you didn't screw it up as badly as I did.


Tuffycat said...

Fun to read your work, Perry! I especially enjoy the labels that you attach to your posts, you expository, tempestuous, tree-hugger you!

Perry Block said...

Thank you, Sandra!

I so appreciate your taking time out from your hectic grind as a producer, writer, and director to read my humble scribblings, especially considering how swamped you must be as director and producer of your newest hit series "The Web Files" ( starring the always luminous Kristyn Burtt (!!!

And thank you so much, Sandra, for getting me together in Aspen with your great friend Barney the Dinosaur! You were right: he’s charming, generous, nothing like the character he plays on TV, and who can forget the la-a-adies!!! Must have been a blast writing for him!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the beginnings of a long and fruitful blogging career. Ever since those days many years ago back in Philadelphia when I tapped you as a trusted sounding board for my comedy writings before I moved to L.A. and wound up writing for Cheers and Seinfeld (lesser credits available upon request) I knew your noggin had a knack for bloggin'. Forgive the rhyming, and the fact blogging wasn't yet invented then. Bottom line - this man adds a needed layer of wit to the wild web. All the best!


Andy Cowan

Perry Block said...

Oh, Andy, that is so nice, but so exaggerated.

I am but a footnote in your brilliant career, which has included staff positions on "The Merv Griffin Show," where you met celebrities of the caliber of Sir Lawrence Olivier, Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, and the late Winston Churchill and "Seinfeld," where you penned the celebrated episode "The Opposite" and so many more, remaining in close contact with Jason Alexander today, and your myriad writing credits for programs like "Cheers," "Third Rock from the Sun," "Masterpiece Theatre," and "Jersey Shore."

No, aside from my reviewing and editing all of your material in those days, bolstering you and holding you up in your early comedy appearances (of which I attended all), single-handedly getting you through your drug and alcohol problems, and washing, folding, and packing up all your stuff when you left for L.A., I did very, very little.

Hope everything is going well with the radio show, comic strip, TV pilots, and feature film.
See you soon; I've been invited to Nicholson's bash too!