Saturday, December 8, 2018

God Friended Me


OMG! Look at this!


“God just friended me!"`  

“Oh, come on!  I just about barely friend you.”

“Yeah, why is that?”  

“Uhh --- I have standards.”

“Nevertheless, God just friended me!”

“Let me see …. Wow you’re right!"

“Of course I’m right! Look at the mighty beard, look at that celestial glow, look at those white robes washed in Clorox!”

“Bet he could work a terrific miracle, like turn Facebook into not a huge waste of time.”

“I told you!”

“And boy does he look Jewish! Well, let’s see what he wants”

“No way. I’m not friending him!”

“Why not?

“Why not?!"

“Yeah, why not?”

“The Holocaust, World Wars I and II, the Crusades, hurricanes, infant mortality, the Inquisition, AIDs, death itself, ABBA …”

“Know what?  You’re right!”

“I’m deleting him right now!”

“But then….there’ll be no TV show.”

“Yep, and there’s your real miracle.”


“One less annoying television show to waste our time with.”